Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Found my pattern so the knitting is back on. YAY!

I really want to make that pencil skirt from kitty. I can't afford bamboo yarn though that would be positively scrumcious. Any suggestions as to anything else I could use?

Monday, November 13, 2006

trades, dyes, and weaves

Back agian.

The skull scarf is going well. Half of it is finished and a quarter of the next half is finished. I miss placed my pattern for a week so I couldn't finish it. I was suprised to realize I handled the pattern every day that it was missing and hadn't even realized it haha. I had used the back of it to write out my weaving pattern for class and had been using it daily for that. That project it done hurray. I really like weaving. I'll take a picture and show you the first sampler I did. Its got some mistakes but I love the colors and had fun making it. Its a shame looms cost a whopper or I'd be begging to get one this christmas. Maybe next year... probubly not.

So ya. Knitting is back underway. Hopefully I'll get up to weaving this weekend. Tomorrow we are starting a yarn dying section in fibers. YAY! granted we're using it for weaving I can't wait to experiment this x-mas break on my own. I need to make a bunch of hats for trading purposes.

Walt wants a hat, I want some of his bowls and a watering can.
I want some of brittany's beer glasses, don't know what she might want yet.
some other people have asked about hats but I can't think who off the top of my head.

I think I'll make a bunch and have them at the ready so people can just choose.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chicken little


Things seem to keep getting away from me this semester. I haven't been on top of anything. My classes, my blogging, my knitting, my relationships. It sort of feels like everything is coming crashing down around me leaving me feeling a lot like chicken little.

So I have been trying to take the bull by the horns and get back on top of things. I am caught up in school agian and started knitting agian yesterday. I missed it so much I can't begin to tell you.

I am working on a skull scarf from knitty. I really like it the pattern is easy to understand and fast to knit so hopefully I can get it done quickly. haha.

Speaking of knitty I am in love with a skirt from the new knitty. Its a pencil skirt. Amazing. I am temted to work on that this winter break since I will be at home most of the break.

What else. Nothing to report really been pretty well entangled in school and making friends and am currently trying to just get in a groove to finish out this semester. I am hoping next semster I will be much more organised and on top of the game.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Move In Day

Today I moved into my new apartment at the Appalachian Center for Craft. I am very, very excited to be attending school there. I missed meeting my room mate, Anna. She's visiting her mother this weekend so I'll meet her on Monday. I think that I may already have a job with the Appalachian Centers Art Gallaries. I have to go pick up an official transcript tomorrow but I already talked to the people in charge of placing me at the Facility so we will see how it goes.

Felted Bag Part III
I found my missing yarn. YAY! I started the back panel before I went to bed last night. I am right about to start the trellis pattern. Then its just the bottom, leaves, flowers and bows. I can't wait!

lil' Mermaid top
I finished the front pannel. I hope that it will all work out I am pretty sure that it will. I am working on the i-cord that goes throught the eyelets and as soon as that finishes I will seam up the front and back pannels and start the ruffle. I am hoping to finish it by Monday so I can wear it to classes with the necklace and bracelet my Tante Chrissy gave me. The necklace and braclets color was the inspiration for the color I chose for the top. I have to say other than the minor problem with the pattern this tube top is really easy to make.

Then I just have to decide what to pick up next. I still haven't finished the Angelina Jacket. hmmm...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

to gnome me is to love me

While visiting my friends blogs I ran into the cutest of cute patterns that a friend of mine is doing and had to find it so I can do it myself. The pattern is a crochet gnome! I love gnomes. They have a spot in my heart not only because they are freakin' adorable but because my grandparents, parents and brothers all love gnomes. We have them in the garden, we have them in the house, when we were little we'd watch "David the Gnome" and my father would make up stories when we'd go hiking about all the things gnomes, elves and dawrfs would do. I love gnomes and now I can make cute little gnomes too. The pattern is from Let's go Ice Skating whose blog is really very fun. I am defiantly going to have to keep reading her blog. The link above will lead you straight to the gnome pattern on her blog for all interested parties. I am going to go look for my hooks and some yarn tonight and get started on some gnomes to send to friends and family. So so cute.

SnB and Felted Rose Bag part II
Last night I went to the Tullahoma Stitch and Bitch for the second time. I love the yarn store where its held and the women are very nice though most of them were there for a dying class rather than the SnB. But it was still nice to meet people and see some of the ladies from last week. I worked on the Felted Rose bag by Nicky Epstien. I finished the Handles. I miss placed three skeins of the yarn I bought for it and so I have been working on whatever I can untill I find it. Which should be soon. I know its around here somewhere since I had it not two weeks ago. I have a terrible habit of putting things places so they will be safe and then forgetting where it was that I put it. Really rather annoying. So the front pannel and the handles are finished. YAY.

No news on the Lil' Mermaid Top Corrections
So I am just going to fudge it. I am rather sad about not being able to get the corrections for any of the patterns. I had wanted to do some of the other patterns in the book. I'll keep looking though and see what happens. I'll also keep you all in the loop as to what happens with the top. I really want to wear it this summer.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The dreaded BF sweater

So my boyfriend finally popped the question. No! Not that question, the other question. The "Will you knit me a sweater?" question. And I said yes of course. So we went through the whole what do you want kick. He doesn't really own any sweaters so he had no idea he just wanted a sweater and I was like I'm not knitting something that your not wearing. So he went through patterns and liked the Warrior pattern by Brandon Mably in the Rowan Magazine 39. Its pictured below.

He didn't want that color palette however so we are going to change it to White, Grey, Charcoal Grey, Black and a deep blue based Red. He looks good in those colors and he wears them alot. I think we're going to do cotton because Nathan is always to warm.

The project should get underway soon. I plan on looking at yarn tomorrow while I am at the Stitch n Bitch and seeing what options are available to me. Nathan will be sending me his chest dimensions tomorrow as well since I don't know if he is an xl or a xxl. He's a big guy. If he's a xxl I need to figure out how to enlarge the pattern which doesn't look like it will be to difficult... hopefully. Its a beautiful sweater though and I am excited to do it. Although I am praying that the break up susperstition is just a superstition.

Knitters are Sexy

So I stumbled across this club on some of the other knitting blogs I had been reading lately and really liked what it was rooting for. The Sexy Knitters club is for knitters who think knitting is for sexy vibrant women which we all are and so I decided to join. So here's to the sexy knitters club.

New icon

I made a new button for my blog. Its on the left and contains this cute little fellow that I just created.

Thought he'd make a good mascot. Now if I can just figure out how to get it in the banner. hmmm... still working on that.

Vogue's Felted Rose Bag part I

I ripped out what I had knit of the felted rose bag because I couldn't figure out where I was in realtion to the pattern and since I hadn't gotten very far decided to just go for it.

I finished the front panel. It looks awesome. I can't wait to finish the rest of the bag which shouldn't take very long. I am trying to figure out if I am doing the bottom right. It says to cast on 10 stitches and then increase every other row til I have 14 stitches then knit in Stockinet til I get to 6 inches. The thing is that the bottom of my front panel is alot longer than 6 inches. Am I supose to just sew it in a manor that it will work or am I doing something wrong. I am curious.

I joined this knit-along for the felted rose bag. I am excited about that. Here is a button that will link any interested parties to that blog. It will also be posted on the side bar which to my annoyance seems to move up and down the page at a whim. I am going to have to figure out a way to make that stop.

I still haven't heard anything about the pattern corrections for the Little Mermaid Tubetop which is sad and some what annoying I am about ready to fudge it. I really want to know what other patterns have issues though since I have the book and I do like some of the other patterns in it. Hopefully something will come through with that.

I finished an embrodered pillow case for Nathan. I hope he likes it its part of our Alphabet-along. It covers the letter A. I need to find the camera so I can share all this stuff.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My knitting was going along famously... until I finished the eyelet rows. I followed the pattern to the letter and it ended up to long (it called for it to be 17 3/4 inches before you start the rib to finish the panel and I got 19 inches on the row of the last eyelets) Very frustrating. I went on a search to try and find any pattern corrections but haven't been able to find anything except another knitter having a problem with one of her patterns who couldn't find any corrections either. So I did the next logical thing. I found her swimsuit business email and I emailed her about my problem. I am praying that her spammer doesn't reduce my email to trash and I make it though as well as get a responce. This is really annoying I was in the last little bit of finishing. I really wanted to wear this while the weather was still hot. Sigh. We'll see what happens. I will post pictures of what I have for now for you Denise since you had requested it as well as scan in a picture of what the pattern is supose to turn out like since I am sure you are all curious.

I also got in touch with a fellow knitting blogger,The knitting virgin who also had a problem with one of Ashely Paige's patterns. She replied with this email.

"I'll find the corrections I used and forward them along to you by email. I'll also send you another blogger's info to contact. She got some corrections from the publisher, but I couldn't open her attachments. Maybe she could send it to you. I actually got fed up and am giving away my book. It wasn't worth the effort to me as I'm still a moderate knitter and not ready to improvise and think that hard. I'll try to get my stuff together by tomorrow. :)"

I am very grateful to her for her quick responce and help and would also like to extend a note of thanks to whom ever it was who helped her. I will be sending another email to ashley Paige requesting she make a webpage listing her book corrections.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So finsihed school at TCC. I should be walking in December for two AAA's one in Fine Arts and one in Crafts. Hurray for being finished.

I start school at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in a week. I'll be working on getting a BA in Fiber Arts aka Textile design. I am really stoked on that.

I moved to Tennessee about a week ago. Its beautiful here. Tons of forests and lakes and wildlife. My parents live about an hour from Nashville. There is still tons to do though. For example there is a 3 screen drive in theater down the road along with a yarn store sporting a stitch and bitch every tuesday. I'll be going tomorrow and let you know how that goes. There alot of museums and attractions around as well. The Jack Daniels distillery for example is just 12 miles downt he road.

My knitting has been coming along since I finished school. I am almost done with the front panel of the Little Mermaid Tube Top from the Ashliegh Paige book. I am really excited about finishing it since it means I'll finally have something to wear a really cute orange beaded neckalce and bracelet that my aunt sent me that I didn't have anything that matched it. So thats exciteing.

Once thats done I am going to go back and fix the problem I was having with the Flame skirt. I should have just gone with the intarsia but I decided to weave and it was my undoing. I think I can get away with cutting the back thread and weavign it in. If it doesn't work... then I will buy new yarn and start a new. For now the plan is to try this idea out. I think it should work.

My knitting class went well. I was excited to teach it and all the girls were lovely. 3 of the four were able to finish their pencil bags and the last one was going to take the class agian this month with Nancy.

So that whats new with me. Sorry to have not posted for so long.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Been busy around here. My parents have moved to Tennessee I'll be joining them in about two weeks to live with them for two weeks before I go to school.

My knitting class for this month showed. I had 4 students. they all did really well. I thought them to Cast on, Knit, Purl, and Bind off. They were making pencil cases off a pattern of my design. I'll post that in the next post. 3 of the girls finished their bags before the end of the class. The 4th girl really has the knits down but has a small tendency to drop stitches. But she is doing a really good job.

I finished the back pannel of my tube top from the Ashley paige book. Can't wait to finish it so I can wear it well I am going to jet. Hopefully I'll get to post agian soon. Right now I don't have a computer with interweb access.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My student for the knitting class never showed. Thats ok I am teaching a class next month to so its not like it won't happen agian.

I finished the flames on my skirt. Now I just need to finish the top. YAY! I started to and I was running two threads togethe which was silly because its caused the last five rows that I've done to pucker. DOH! so I am going to un ravel and just knit it with one strand even though that will make it thicker at the flames I don't think it will be a major issue because it will be even and I cn say that I made it that way to add weight to the skirt at the bottom. So yes frogging is the name of the game for the next part of the skirt.

Still haven't gotten any farther on the Rose bag which is shame but I'm going to get to work on it as soon as the unraveling is completed.

I found this link and thought some of you might enjoy it. crochet me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today I teach a beginners knitting class to 8-13 year olds. Should be fun. I have never taught a class before so it will probubly send me down in flames. I'm really nervous about it. Hopefully I can teach them how to knit. The plan is a small scarf, bag, or hat... in their two days of knitting class. So wish me luck!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Vacation all I ever wanted

The mid terms have arrived and I am slowly strarting to wish for the end of the semester. I am just ready to have some time to myself. Time to make stuff, time to get use to the fact that I have finished a whole chapter of my life and time to figure out what the hell I am doing.

I am leaving in August to go study Fiber Arts. I'm not sure what I can do when I'm done and that kind of scares me. But I am really excited about getting to study something I already love indepth.

I worked on an illustration for a childrens book a friend is writting. I'm not allowed to show it to you because its agianst the contract but I am still excited to give it ot her and see what she thinks. This is just a test illustration to see if she likes my ideas and if she thinks it will work for her book. So we'll see.

I am working on a plastic canvas bag that I hope will be a sucess. I am pretty sure it will since my lil' brother walked in and looked at the first peice and said he thought it looked really cool. So that is a good indicator.

I found all my missing bags from the last move(we thought they lost a box) in a suitcase no one had used in forever that was in the garage. YAY! I was so sad when I thought that those bags had been lost but now they are found and I can finally fit my school books all in one bag agian(that box was for my large tote bags in particular).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I have to say I have been pretty happy with the way things are going latly although my knitting is lacking. I still have yet to finish the flame motif on the skirt. All other areas of life and craft are doing good. I started an on line journal to sell my excess items of craft and what-not.

those are a pair of earrings I made to sell as an example.

I have been asked to sell some of my wares down at a store on the ocean front as well so I am going to do that. Excited about it really,

School is going well. I am actually doing well in Math and I can't say I have any issues with any of my classes, teachers or classmates. I am suprised that its already mid-term. Hard to believe.

The house is beginning to look like one giant box of boxes. Kind of sad really never liked how houses look when your moving out. Its fun when your moving in because its like opening presents. Well I'm going to get back to what I need to be doing but I wanted to let you know what I've been up too.

Friday, June 09, 2006

what did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato when he fell behind?

Katchup! that the pulp fiction quote of the weekend and the name of the game.

13 rows and counting left of the motif.

the rose bag hasn't budged same with the Angelina Jacket.

My weekend will be filled with the partial disassemblement of my room. So far I have gathered most everything to take up to storage. I still need to take apart my bed (the fram is going to storage). Man I am so ready to just vegg.

Plan today in the craft way is to make earrings lots and lots of them. like... 20 of them. yup. Maybe I'll see about making candles tomorrow. I need to use the wax that Nathan's mom gave me and soon. I'm not moving that stuff.

I also need to go in and put handles on my pitcher before it dries (I was thinking about making it look like a granade too since it kind of has that shape already and I thought it'd be kind of cool to have a granade pitcher. If i do that I'm going to have to make some mini granade cups to match. fun stuff. I am really enjoying pttery this semester. I loathed it the last time I took it but this semster I feel like I'm doing alot better at controlling the forms. Its still a 6 to 1 ratio. I mess up 6 forms before I get one that I can keep(these are by no means perfect either).

I also have to study Math with Sara she has a test tuesday and I have a test thursday and we're both not to excited about either. I am so glad I didn't take her class. I could never remember 5 chapters of math for one test. My class has a test for every 2 chapters. Thank heavens.

Feeling a bit down but I think its more because I'm not doing anything than anything else.

I wish my Zombie Kitten Skirt would get here. I want to wear it everywhere.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

666 the number of the beast

So today yesterday is was the day that most metal bands have been looking forward to forever.

skirt count down t-minus 20 rows of motif.

I cancled the bonneville trip. I am not going to be able to pull in the extra cash so I am going to invest the money into equipment that I have been wanting for quite a while now... and clothes. I've been oggling some dresses and things on diffrent sites so we'll see.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

So last night I was going through one of my many stacks of papers that I have around that I need to file and sort and what was in it? My Angelina Jacket pattern. Sweet! I am stoked that I can start working on that agian. I have been wanting to finish that for quite a while.

The skirt has t-mis 26 rows of motif left til the black. I am going to start doing a count down.

I haven't worked on the rose bag since the last post. Shameful.

In other news. Some friends and I are going to start crafting together. We're actually getting together as soon as I get off of here so I geuss I should hop to that. haha.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've gotten through the first row of the Trellis pattern of the felted rose bag. I am a little suprised. I thought this pattern would be alot more difficult than it is and I can't wait to have it finished so I can felt it.

Today while I was checking out more podcast for knitting I heard about World Wide Knit in Public Day. Which is on June 10th. I think thats cool. I don't really see why its such a big deal to knit in public but I geuss thats probubly because I do it all the time. haha. I would invite everyone else to do it though. Its really quite fun to bring a simple project with you when your stuck in lines, traffic, waiting for someone. Its amazing how fast you can get through projects when you are just doing a line here and there.
Lately I have been getting really into listening to pod casts about knitting. My favorites so far are:


Those are the two I like the most so far because they have alot of good information about fibers and they seem to do alot of research for their show. Cast-On has music mixed in which very nice. Most of the pod casts are just the host talking which is usually fine. There are so many pod casts popping up its alot of fun. If anyone else has any that they love I'd love to know about them.

New projects to start a new semester

Summer schools started agian. I am taking Algebra, Intro to Psychology, Wheel thrown pottery and Drawing 4(which I do as an independant study).

So far the semester is going amazingly well. I even get time to knit while waiting for my math teacher to get to class he's always late.

I started a new project. The felted rose bag from the March 2005 Vogue Knitting Magazine. I am very excited to be finally making this bag. Ican't wait to see how it is going to turn out.

My skirt is coming along really well too. I have 32 rows of the 58 that make up the flame motif finished. It shouldn't be to much longer til I get through those last 26. Then its home free knitting all in black with out having to worry bout counting or unwinding bobbins. It will be amazing.

My dress that I am sewing from the New Look pattern # 6457 is almost finished. I am really happy with how its turning out. I am having a small issue with the piping moving once or twice when I was sewing it on so I am going to remove that and resew it on the band that goes acoss the chest of the dress. I will make sure to post pictures gallore when its all finished.

My friend Sara is getting married next summer and wants a traditional 30's dress to honor her grandmother so she asked me to make it. I would be honored to do it so I found a pattern at the fabric store I think that she will love and then we can get the fabric and I can get that going. Pretty awesome.

I ordered an item off my long wish list last week.A zombie kitten skirt. They are so cute. I am getting the one with the rocket on the front on black instead of navy. Which I'll admit I was a little sad at first til I was thinking about it. I wear alot more black than I do navy so its a whole lot better to get it on black.
Also new to my wish list is a cupcake tree. Ya. I think I need one.

The double dutch group has yet to get off the ground. I am sad about that.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ok so here I am at work and it just started pouring down rain so I thought its time to update my blog.

The skirt is coming along great I am almost through the flames which means that I'd move right into the fast stuff YES!

I was thinking about it and you know its seems really silly that I am willing to drop over a hundred dollars on rowan yarn that I can't even wash in the washer but I am not willing to get the sari silk or the lorna's laces that I love. I just don't get it. I think its because I have a plan already when I buy the rowan and I don't for the other yarns even though they'd be amazing for all sorts of millions of things. Sigh. I am going to have to give in an get them soon.

I am also giving into the fact that I can not find the Angelina Jacket pattern anywhere and I need to buy a replacement. I want to finish that jacket really badly. Its just sitting there mocking me. So I'll do that this week. I supose that should be my next project to finish.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I've been trying to get through the flame motif on the the skirt but its just not something that moves very quickly so I am only about half way through it. Its looking awesome though. I am very excited about it.

I bought some new knitting books and Magazines. Namely the new K1, the interveiw crochet issue, and the books

I am really excited about a few of the peices I really want to make a tub top that is in the sexy little knits. I think I am going to have to go get the yarn for that as soon as I fall in to some extra cash. I have been being really terrible about saving up my money the last $200 I got has gone down the drain and I am still trying to save up for Bonneville. I need to get all the money soon. I need to get the plane tickets. Maybe I'll go ahead and get those and then I'll worry about where my food money will come from later. Sigh. Ya. Shameful. I got enough for everything but the food and extra spending so that good.

I made a pearl necklace today with some of the beads and things I had laying around I am pretty stoked on it. Can't wait to wear it out.

So I am really excited because some girl friends and I are going to start a small double dutch group for the summer. I am so stoked on this I can not even begin to tell you all about it. If you've ever seen the group double dutchess then you to are probubly already amazed by the wonder that is double dutch after the age of 6. So I have been starting to practice jumping for that. I jumped for 15 minutes straight the other day and my calves were killing me for the next three days. Now that they aren't screaming at me I am going to go out and jump agian. Probubly tomorrow since I am exhausted from staying up all night last night (went to bed at 4) woke up at 9. I have issues where I can't sleep in. Never have been able to unless I force my self or I am exhausted and sick.

I have been trying to make a dress using a pattern I got from the store. I geuss the hard part is that I haven't used a pattern in years so I have already made a number of mistakes. Small things really but I am confused about something now that I have all the peice cut out and I am pinning them together for the front it seems like it'd need darts(i think thats the right terminalogy but I could be a million light years off) or something in order to make it bow out correctly and the pattern although it has it drawn on the small picture doesn't have a position marked on the actual peice for cutting those little dart spots out. So I am trying to figure that out. Sigh. It should look amazing once I get this all figured. And I use to think sewing was so easy in middle school.haha. We'll see eh.

You know I have been having this itch for making shrink-a-dinks for months and I have yet to do it. I think I'm gonna go get the stuff to do it and do that this week. I mean why not I love shrink-a-dinks its about time to scratch that itch.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I know I've been off in la la land. My finals are starting to wind down the spring semester will be finished on Tuesday! HURRAY! That means I can devote all my time to knitting and knitting and carshows and nathan. So till tuesday when I will have the grand finale I leave you with this. I have finished ten rows of inerstia on the hot tamale skirt. I only have like 48 more rows of inerstia to go. I am so excited. then it should finish up really fast because its just straight knitting no more weaving in ends.

Monday, April 17, 2006

So I have been doing alot of school work lately so I haven't had much time to post. I have been managing to squeeze in some knitting time here and there though. I finished a hat with cat ears and ear flaps for Kaligh since she made hers to big a didn't like it. I geuss she doesn't want it though since she made another one at Michelle's when we were all hanging out knitting and watching Audrey Hepburn movies.
Michelle and I dyed mohair that I had been given a while ago with easter egg dye. I am really excited to show it off. I had to leave before it was fully dry so I don' t have pictures to show yet but soon.
I am working on my hot tamale skirt. Its a slow knit since i have to weave the colors into each other as I go. I hate bobbining so I have to un wind he yarns from one another periodiclly. I only have a like 40 more rows to go. Its coming along well though.

Ok well i had better get back to working on my photography since I am in class right now. Shhh.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Man. Knittapalooza has me working hard.
Today I won an award for a charcoal drawing I did in Drawing one. I got the Dean's award and $250. So thats nice it'll all go toward Bonneville. I am determined to make it there. I am just $350 away... Well really only about $300. The plane tickets are going to be the most expensive part. Oh well I am totally determined to go.

I finished my cowboy hat on Monday this past week and took pictures.

It was alot of fun to make and went suprisingly quickly. This was my first real crochet project and I bought the yarn Saturday and finished it Monday. Pretty crazy.

I finished my Alicia jacket from the Rowan Big Wool book today. It fits great although the pattern calls for a zipper and I keep getting everyone telling me "no no don't put in a zipper it looks lovely with out it and it'd be easier to dress it up with out one" so now I am going to wait on a zipper. Need to debate it a bit longer. For anyone knitting the pattern I will say that I think that picture was being a bit crafty because when you follow the directions for installing the collar it leaves some nasty gaps (they are totally fixable) on the front panel sections. I just wove the holes together so it looked normal but I was a bit annoyed with the fact that it did that and that it appears that they had the same problem and just covered it up with the models hair. Still the jacket is lovely and very charming.

Made some vynil bracelts with multiple friends this week. they are jsut so easy and fun to make its hard not to whip the up. Here's one I gave to my friend joy.

I think that about covers it. Well I am off to craft some more.

Friday, March 31, 2006

bountious booty

bountious booty
Originally uploaded by dielaydbugdie.
This is from my pirate pal, Elspeth all the way from San Fran. Thank you! I love love loved it! The edible gold, the seeing eye patch, the pirates booty(yummy), THE YARN, the beads, the noise makers and everything was AMAZING!!!! I especially loved the Playmobile guy. I love playmobile and have quite a bit of it from when I was little. I am definatly going to have to go get all the pirate stuff now. Thank you.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I jumped in to the ocean of crochet today. I started the Yeehaw Lady cowboy hat. I am using berrocco suede, one skein of the bone color and one of the glittry tan. It's looking pretty good so far. i need to find some stitch markers before I can continue so I put it down for the evening.

I sewed up the side sems of Alicia and realized to my horror that I had put the neck decreases for the front panels on the wrong side so I am going to have to rip those back about 6 rows, no biggie.

I think I'm going to cut some more panels for my band sirt quilt tomorrow.

Welp I'm off to beddie bye.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I finished the sleeve for Alicia and plan on finishing it all up tomorrow. YAY!
I realised in glassblowing while working on Justin's sweatervest that it is going to be to large so I need to rip it out. Meh!
I really want to make the cowboy hat in Happy Hooker. hmmm...

Tee hee

All must view this wonder that is called entertainment. apache boy
yoinked from Red Lipstick. So amazing!
The weather which was so perfect last week after I got back from Boston has been very chilly this week. I have to say I am not a fan of teaser weather. I get all excited and then its cold. Its ok in the end since its been helping me focus on my school work. I have been so bad this semester. I think its because I am so close to being done and I am looking forward to the next step in my education in Tennessee. I am really excited about being able to work with fibers all the time.

I am almost finished with the last sleeve on Alicia. Then I can sew it all up and put on the neck collar. Then I can wear it and be all warm and snuggly. YES!

I have been compliling things to mail to my booty swap partner. I hope she likes them I hope to mail it out this weekend to make sure it gets out in time.

I have been asked to judge a children's art show. I am very honored and excited about this expericance. I hope I do a good job.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm back from Boston. had a wonderful time visiting friends and checking out a new city. There was a really nice yarn shop call Woolcot and co. in Cambridge. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area of Harvard Square.

I finished Nathan's grandmothers scarf. I hope she really likes it. Other than that I got the new stitch and Bitch: happy hooker and I've been working on a few projects here and there in between classes and homework.

I geuss thats all that I have time for right now. Check ya'll later.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I must be seriously addicted to yarn. I mean who in their right mind chooses knitting over sleep? Or decides that since they are heading some where cold it's the perfect time to finish a sweater so they can wear it when the get up there? haha I geuss it would be me.

Alicia the sweater is coming along well. I am a bit tired so I have to rip out what I started of the right panel today since I caught that I was off by a row in my increases which bothers me and since it knits so quickly I would feel ashamed if I weren't to go back and correct this minor of minor mistakes. I am fairly confindant that I wll have it finished in time for Boston though or at least to the point where I am sewing in the zipper.

Especially since I was wrong about it being Knitapolluza weekend. Its not until next month. Thank goodness. I was about to collapse from exhaustion. I think I am going to crash into bed now and finish my sweater tomorrow.

I am getting a hair cut tomorrow as well. Hurrah! Oh and my friend Ryan called from Tulsa. He's had a bad week and was looking for someone to cheer him up I was so flattered that he'd call me long distance and everything.

I am uber excited about going to Boston sunday. eeee! ok nite
So I finished the left front panel of the Alicia Cradigan. YAY! that was just knitting during glassblowing which is a three hour class and I only knit for part of it (namely the parts when I am not blowing glass or watching the teacher give a demo). Exciting! yes I know. Also exciting is I just sold one of my glass cupcakes. Joy and I designed these cupcakes as an idea on her birthday. I love the design and have become obsessed with making them.

Any whoodles. I really need to get on the ball and take photo's of my FO's. I have like four now and I haven't posted any except Jesse's scarf and thats a rather ambigious shot. Anywhoodles. I best get to bed or work on homework since its getting so late.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I can't wait til I go to Tennesse and can play with fabrics all the time. I am sure there will be a day in the not so distant future when I will rue the day I said that but I am really excited about the Appalachian craft center's program. I think this is going to be an amazing experiance. I am just waiting for my acceptance letter. Oh I do hope it comes I don't know why it wouldn't I have good grades and what not. Hmm not going to dwell on it.

I started Justin's vest. So far so good. I couldn't find a pattern I liked or that was just what he wanted so I am writing my own. We'll see how well that does over. I'll post it when I'm done.

Nathan needed his camera back so I have none for which to use to post the bike bag. I am very saddened by this I am so wanting to share it with the world.

I decided to hold off on my fanatic knitting of justin's vest for a moment and finish Alicia the cardigan made with Rowan big wool in a cranberry color. I have the back already finished and would like to have the front and sleeves finished by the time I have to go to Boston so I can wear it. YES! we'll see though. Man I love rowan so much. I wish I could fill a pool with it and jump in like scroooge the duck does with his money. Oh it would be glorious. ***Yarn Fantasy**drools***

*pop* back to reality. my goals for the next week are to finish,

Alicia the cardigan
Justin's vest
Nathan's Grandmothers scarf

Once these have been completed I'll figure out what I want to do next. Oh the limitless possibilities. By the way the new Mag knits issue is out. I like the Twister scarf. Very niffty.

Well I am off to complete my errands for the day. Toodles.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I still need to put the pictures of my new bike bag on the computer but until then here is a tantalizing image of my dog. Pheffer sporting the new look, Jesse's scarf.

Very chic.

I also am now part of Nipper's Booty swap. AR! YE Harties! I can't wait to see who I get. I am planning the package already.

I started Justin's sweater vest. I couldn't find a pattern that was just right though so I am taking about 5 and combining them to make mine. I think I'll post it when its finished. I am about a quarter way through the back. We'll see how it goes.

I also wound the yarn for Nathan's grandmothers' scarf. I decided I am going to add a few strands to it to give it more bulk and warmth. She lives in Wisconson for crying out loud it gets cold there unlike here where it just gets annoying.

Nathan is up in Hampton some where with his band the Bastille recording their first Demo. I am so excited and proud of them. They have been a band for a little over three months and already they are recording and playing shows and I think that they sound diffrent and fun. I am not just saying that because I am his girl friend either. I really do like their sound. I am not sure how to discribe it since its gridcore mixed with some other elements but it works. They could bump their stage presence though and get some better lyrics but the sound is good.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Going for the GOLD

geuss who just finished sewing the handles on her bike bag! YA! they aren't the wooden handles that are pictured in the pattern I couldn't find any of those but these look very nice as well. I am going to watch the close of the Olympics now and take some pictures to share. Hope everyone else had as much of a blast as I did participating in this.
I'm taking a break. I can't get the very end of the backward finishing section out and I am tired of playing with it. I think I am going to drink a cup of tea to warm up set my alarm for 10 and then I'll go to the fabric store and finish all the finishing. It'll go quickly once I get that blasted section out. there had to be a fowl up right before the finish line of course.
Well I am finished knitting all the peices. I started the finishing and attached half of two panels incorrectly so I'm ripping it out to do it over. I am really excited since that means as long as I can find the handles or handles that are comprable at the fabric store later this morning that it'll be all done by the 8pm deadline. YIPEE!!!!

I think the next projects will be worked as followed:

*Rowan Sweater (I can't remember the name right now I have the back finished its a cardigan)so I can wear it in Boston.

*Black and White lashy frilly fun scarf for Nathan's grandmother. I think I am going to make it a ruffle scarf since I think that would be fun and I haven't made one.

*Justin's v neck sweater vest. So far I haven't had any luck finding a worsted weight plain high v necked vest pattern. I have one for sport that has ribbing all the way up it(I am planning to just convert that one) and another that is for DK weight. I think that altering the sport weight pattern would be the easiest thing to do.

Other things I need to do this weekend consist of:

*write Resume
*portfolio Pictures for portfolio and Resume
*still life final in colored pencil (start it)
*math homework
*start taking photo's for the 3rd portfolio in photography
*make porfolio book or purchase one

things I'd like to do:

*start packing things in boxes that I want to go in storage when I move
*breaking down my magazines scrap booking those images and articles I find inspiring
*put the clothing I have set aside to sell up on the internet
*post images of knitting olympic progress

oh I'd like a Brandy, Thank you.

Hello Darlings!
I am staying up late for the final stretch of knitting involved in my Knitting olympic challenge. I am on the last panel. The 9 inches that connect the two bags while I watch my favorite movie of all time, The Pink Panther. Now if you haven't seen the original you've missed out. It's sophisticated, slap-slapstick, and charming all in one. I have never not been in the mood to watch it. I saw the new Pink panther movie and actually really enjoied it as well. My only complaint was that there was no Pink Pather cartoon ending which is in all the pink panther movies made prior to this one. Other than that I thought it was a very well done film.

What else is there to tell? hmm... I found this delightful blog called Just Jussi. She has the cutest fortune cat pattern. too cute! I recommend everyone check it out. Well I am had better get back to finishing my knitting. I hope I can finish in time.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am one determined cookie to finish my olympic knitting tonight. I am down to the last two panels (one quarter panel and the 9 inch seed stitch patch that connects the two bag peices).

I have had alot of fun participating in this even though I've been bad about keeping up on updating about my progress. I do have some pictures to post but I think I'll do that tomorrow as a final post a sort of beginning to end thing.

In other news the new Stitch and Bitch book is out. I have already ordered it off Amazon they have them on sale right now. My freind and co-worker Sherry was going to submit a pattern but decided not to at the last minute but three other crafters whose journals I read made it in so I am really excited to see their patterns and try them.

Sherry gave me a noni pattern Camellia Flowers for felting, or not. Excited to try that out soon.

I am going to Boston next week so I want to check out a knit shop or two up that way. They have a cute one called the Knittin Kitten that I would love to go check out.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nathan my boyfriend got me these tights for Valentine's Day! Love them.

Moving on.

My knitting olympics challenge is going ok. I had a really busy week at school so I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked to be. I have finished one of the quarter panels and I am half way through the second of the four but thats as far as I have gotten. I have pictures of the progress I have made I'll post them a little later.

I found all the yarn stores in Boston in preparation for my trip there. Can't wait to see Christina. I haven't seen her since Berlin in 2002. We seem to see each other about every 5 years since it was 5 years before Berlin that we had seen each other.

I did all the finishings on my mom's vest she knit for my Omi(grandmother).It looks great. She's working on her slippers for the olympic knitting challenge now. She's already finished her first pair and started her second. Go mom.

I will try to be a bit more frequent with the Olympic knitting challenge updates since I think this week will be a little less busy.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Today the Olympic knitting originator, the yarn harlot, was on NPR. Pretty awesome.

I joined. My mom is joining.

Not to much has been going on. I have been knitting but just kind of jumping around from project to project. I am a stripe away from completion on Jesse's scarf though so that'll be the first to go.

The project I am knitting for the olympic games is going to be the bike bag from the Winter 2004/2005 Vogue knitting magazine. Love that bag. Have been wanting to knit it for a whole year but haven't been able to so now I can. I am ready. In three days the games will begin and I will become a knitting machine. Going head to head with some of the best knitters in the world. Compeating for that illustrious award, THE GOLD METAL! I am determined.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My goal is to finish Jesse's scarf today it has 3 and a half stripes to go. for goodness sake and has been sitting around in my knitting basket, a constant reminder of my wonderful procrastination skills. I have decided to add a thin red stripe in the center of the last black stripe to spice it up a bit and also to fufill the request for some red. So that should be good give it a bit of an edge. Then I can pack it up and mail it out. YES!

on another not I have been thinking about the double helix scarf that is sitting in the bottom of a knitting bin a quarter done or so and really contemplating pulling it out and finishing it. CRAZY yes probubly that scarf caused me enough greif to throw it into a bin where it has remained since last year but we'll see. I want to finish the skirt first.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the first rule of Knit Club

I ran into this in one of the communities I read. Its pretty cute. I have a few complaints about it but they are minor and its still a fun mini-flick. So check it out
Knit Club

Let me know what you think about it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

excuses excuses

Injuries are the best excuses for knitting. I spained my back cleaning my room, I always knew cleaning was dangerous. Anyways. I have finally gotten into the Tamale shirt and am enjoying playing around on the Punkrockdomestics forum. I am so in love with that site I can't even begin to tell you.

Nathan, my other, had found one of the knitted images from this site and I have to say that they are amusing. Check them out. I'll warn you they are a bit morbid so if you aren't into the macabe I don't know if you'd like it. yumlum knitwear

other items of interest. Nothing much really. School is school is school. Nathan and I are great, I am a bit peeved about the delay in getting anything done and missing a few days of school due to my back injury but other than that I am feeling really really great!

Welp I am off to keep knitting.

Friday, January 20, 2006

almost there

So I bought new addi turbos since I can't take how slow knitting on denises are anymore. I will be using htem to finally start this pattern. Which I am very impressed to say only cost me a measley $15 to purchase all the yarn for. YAY!

I will be starting it as soon as I finish Nathan's scarf which is very close. YAY! Can anyone please explain to me why scarves can be so painful to knit? I can get through about half fine and then it becomes such a chore. I can fully knit and finish a sweater in a quarter the time it takes me to finish a scarf. Shameful? probubly but still true.

The super bowl sale is going to be happening soon at work. I am very very excited. If you live in the Va Beach area at all you should come out. Bobbie puts awesome stuff at the lowest prices ever for a day so she can get ready for her new inventory and that day is always Super Bowl Sunday. Amusing yes.

Thats that. I started to knit the Jaywalker socks from Mag knits. I really really wanna be in the knit along. I want to know why I never hear about the knitalongs I would like to do until they are already closed. Sigh. Depressing I'll still knit it all anyways and lurk the knitalong but its not the same.

So wha else. .... nothing much. I watched sci-fi fridays with my family as usual and I am still loving Battlestar Galactica. They put out a new show though that looks really good called John Doe. I watched the first episode today interested to see where it goes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

organizing crisis

So I got an email back from the lego knitting machine creator. He was very nice and it read
"Hi Heidi,

Thank you for your nice note. As of now, I do not intend to put
together plans for the knitting machine. In the near future (once my
bandwidth crisis dies down), I will be posting some more pictures.
Perhaps these pictures will help others who are trying to build
something similar.

Again, Thanks for the note,


So thats that. Still I am totally impressed that there is a lego knitting machine.

I have been really weird lately in the fact that I have been cleaning my room when I want to procrastinate on something. Now while this might sound like a normal thing this is not a regular occurance for me. I think it has to do with the fact that I hadn't seen my desk top in.... months. And that means I can't sew which I have been wanting to do lately. I have also been wanting to purge lately which is great because I really am a terrible pack rat. (I save wrappers to packaging I like to give you an example of exactly how bad it is). Yesterday was actually sort of embarassing. I saw my friend Joy's room which is really very cool, but back to the point, she has everything extremely organized. Down to little labled boxes and books of like subjects put together and then we came to my room to get something and I have things balanced here that hold up this yada yada yada. I geuss I really don't think about it I just get up and go but still I was kind of jealous of the way everything was so organized. I want to be organized.

So what else. I have been working on Nathan's scarf and it doesn't feel like its getting anywhere. I think thats why I don't like knitting scarves. I get through the first half in like a half a day and the second half takes me a month. Go figure. It think its because on most scarves by that point its just repeative. At least on a sweater you have increasing and decreasing and all sorts of other suprises to get to. On scarves they are just repeative after the first half. I am determined however to finish Nathan and Jesse's scarves so help me Amelia Bedelia. I miss Amelia Bedelia. What mistchif she could get her self into. hehe. In fact here's some fun with Amelia Bedilia.

Monday, January 16, 2006


I finally have a photo of the baby pants for Jill's wee one and the baby blanket for Denise's lil treasure.

I still need to post pics of the One skein wonder and Erin the sweater. but i figure we'll get to that all in good time.

not much going on today.

Friday, January 13, 2006

lego knitting machine

So my friend Atlanta sent me this amazing link of a knitting lego machine. How cool is that? I have to say I think its pretty awesome. So you should all check it out.

Other than that I have been running around like a chicken with out a head trying to get everything settled for school and settle into the new scheduel. I haven't had a chance to pick up my needles all week. I miss them. I have some cool ideas for some things that I hope to do tonight. We'll see. I have to finish my home work first. No ones geussed where the Button's from yet. I am going to give it another week then I'll announce what its from and what the prize would have been.

I signed up for food swap on flickr. Should be fun. Not sure what I should send just yet. I am thinking Route 11 chips since its an American Chip company and they make some really great flavors. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Button contest

Things have been going crazy the past few days. I started school up today so I am sure that I will be wondering around for the next week trying to get adjusted to the new scheduel. I should actually be sleeping since I have Math tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Math is the bane of my existance. I am terrible at it. I am planning to go to class then go straight to a tutor and do my homework then prey that I pass what ever tests might be thrown at me. ICk to math. Sorry to all you all who like it.

So yup. I had Digital Photography and Glassblowing today. I am very excited about glassblowing this semester. I still have to post pictures of my glass from last semester. I'll have to do that.

Well I really need to get to bed but I wanted to direct all of ya'lls attention over to the side bar to see my new button. If anyone can geuss where the black sheep on the button is I will send them a prize. So leave me a comment with an email and where the sheep is from origionally.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Things have been kind of busy lately. Today I'm going to the Jivin and Drivin radio show and later the Bloodshot Bill's show. I am really excited about both. I have to go pick up Nathan's dad from the airport inbetween the two since Nathan is at work and Evan is at a Funeral. So thats the day ahead.

Crafty things I finished are:

the Erin sweater
Denises's baby blanket
The One Skein Wonder (which did only take one skein)

I am working on: (how much is completed)

Nathan's double knit scarf (1/2)
Jesse's cabled scarf (3/4)
Angelina Jacket (I misplaced the pattern so its on hold) (1/2)
a Rowan sweater the name of which aludes me right now (1/2)

I made cupcakes yesterday they were a big hit even though they didn't turn out the way I wanted. I was trying to make them the blog cupcakes. I'll load pictures later.
I think they are possible I just need to work on them. We'll see I'll make them again some time soon.

Well I best get ready for all the running around I'm going to be doing.

Monday, January 02, 2006

jelly kitten heels

jelly kitten heels
Originally uploaded by dielaydbugdie.
Hey everyone. I am putting these up on Ebay. I'll post a link tomorrow when I do. Their a size 7. Very comfy. My feet were just to small. What can I say I missed out on having the chace to relieve my 8 year old dreams of wearing jellies my whole life. Oh well I hope some one else will love them.