Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I still need to put the pictures of my new bike bag on the computer but until then here is a tantalizing image of my dog. Pheffer sporting the new look, Jesse's scarf.

Very chic.

I also am now part of Nipper's Booty swap. AR! YE Harties! I can't wait to see who I get. I am planning the package already.

I started Justin's sweater vest. I couldn't find a pattern that was just right though so I am taking about 5 and combining them to make mine. I think I'll post it when its finished. I am about a quarter way through the back. We'll see how it goes.

I also wound the yarn for Nathan's grandmothers' scarf. I decided I am going to add a few strands to it to give it more bulk and warmth. She lives in Wisconson for crying out loud it gets cold there unlike here where it just gets annoying.

Nathan is up in Hampton some where with his band the Bastille recording their first Demo. I am so excited and proud of them. They have been a band for a little over three months and already they are recording and playing shows and I think that they sound diffrent and fun. I am not just saying that because I am his girl friend either. I really do like their sound. I am not sure how to discribe it since its gridcore mixed with some other elements but it works. They could bump their stage presence though and get some better lyrics but the sound is good.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Going for the GOLD

geuss who just finished sewing the handles on her bike bag! YA! they aren't the wooden handles that are pictured in the pattern I couldn't find any of those but these look very nice as well. I am going to watch the close of the Olympics now and take some pictures to share. Hope everyone else had as much of a blast as I did participating in this.
I'm taking a break. I can't get the very end of the backward finishing section out and I am tired of playing with it. I think I am going to drink a cup of tea to warm up set my alarm for 10 and then I'll go to the fabric store and finish all the finishing. It'll go quickly once I get that blasted section out. there had to be a fowl up right before the finish line of course.
Well I am finished knitting all the peices. I started the finishing and attached half of two panels incorrectly so I'm ripping it out to do it over. I am really excited since that means as long as I can find the handles or handles that are comprable at the fabric store later this morning that it'll be all done by the 8pm deadline. YIPEE!!!!

I think the next projects will be worked as followed:

*Rowan Sweater (I can't remember the name right now I have the back finished its a cardigan)so I can wear it in Boston.

*Black and White lashy frilly fun scarf for Nathan's grandmother. I think I am going to make it a ruffle scarf since I think that would be fun and I haven't made one.

*Justin's v neck sweater vest. So far I haven't had any luck finding a worsted weight plain high v necked vest pattern. I have one for sport that has ribbing all the way up it(I am planning to just convert that one) and another that is for DK weight. I think that altering the sport weight pattern would be the easiest thing to do.

Other things I need to do this weekend consist of:

*write Resume
*portfolio Pictures for portfolio and Resume
*still life final in colored pencil (start it)
*math homework
*start taking photo's for the 3rd portfolio in photography
*make porfolio book or purchase one

things I'd like to do:

*start packing things in boxes that I want to go in storage when I move
*breaking down my magazines scrap booking those images and articles I find inspiring
*put the clothing I have set aside to sell up on the internet
*post images of knitting olympic progress

oh I'd like a Brandy, Thank you.

Hello Darlings!
I am staying up late for the final stretch of knitting involved in my Knitting olympic challenge. I am on the last panel. The 9 inches that connect the two bags while I watch my favorite movie of all time, The Pink Panther. Now if you haven't seen the original you've missed out. It's sophisticated, slap-slapstick, and charming all in one. I have never not been in the mood to watch it. I saw the new Pink panther movie and actually really enjoied it as well. My only complaint was that there was no Pink Pather cartoon ending which is in all the pink panther movies made prior to this one. Other than that I thought it was a very well done film.

What else is there to tell? hmm... I found this delightful blog called Just Jussi. She has the cutest fortune cat pattern. too cute! I recommend everyone check it out. Well I am had better get back to finishing my knitting. I hope I can finish in time.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am one determined cookie to finish my olympic knitting tonight. I am down to the last two panels (one quarter panel and the 9 inch seed stitch patch that connects the two bag peices).

I have had alot of fun participating in this even though I've been bad about keeping up on updating about my progress. I do have some pictures to post but I think I'll do that tomorrow as a final post a sort of beginning to end thing.

In other news the new Stitch and Bitch book is out. I have already ordered it off Amazon they have them on sale right now. My freind and co-worker Sherry was going to submit a pattern but decided not to at the last minute but three other crafters whose journals I read made it in so I am really excited to see their patterns and try them.

Sherry gave me a noni pattern Camellia Flowers for felting, or not. Excited to try that out soon.

I am going to Boston next week so I want to check out a knit shop or two up that way. They have a cute one called the Knittin Kitten that I would love to go check out.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nathan my boyfriend got me these tights for Valentine's Day! Love them.

Moving on.

My knitting olympics challenge is going ok. I had a really busy week at school so I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked to be. I have finished one of the quarter panels and I am half way through the second of the four but thats as far as I have gotten. I have pictures of the progress I have made I'll post them a little later.

I found all the yarn stores in Boston in preparation for my trip there. Can't wait to see Christina. I haven't seen her since Berlin in 2002. We seem to see each other about every 5 years since it was 5 years before Berlin that we had seen each other.

I did all the finishings on my mom's vest she knit for my Omi(grandmother).It looks great. She's working on her slippers for the olympic knitting challenge now. She's already finished her first pair and started her second. Go mom.

I will try to be a bit more frequent with the Olympic knitting challenge updates since I think this week will be a little less busy.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Today the Olympic knitting originator, the yarn harlot, was on NPR. Pretty awesome.

I joined. My mom is joining.

Not to much has been going on. I have been knitting but just kind of jumping around from project to project. I am a stripe away from completion on Jesse's scarf though so that'll be the first to go.

The project I am knitting for the olympic games is going to be the bike bag from the Winter 2004/2005 Vogue knitting magazine. Love that bag. Have been wanting to knit it for a whole year but haven't been able to so now I can. I am ready. In three days the games will begin and I will become a knitting machine. Going head to head with some of the best knitters in the world. Compeating for that illustrious award, THE GOLD METAL! I am determined.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My goal is to finish Jesse's scarf today it has 3 and a half stripes to go. for goodness sake and has been sitting around in my knitting basket, a constant reminder of my wonderful procrastination skills. I have decided to add a thin red stripe in the center of the last black stripe to spice it up a bit and also to fufill the request for some red. So that should be good give it a bit of an edge. Then I can pack it up and mail it out. YES!

on another not I have been thinking about the double helix scarf that is sitting in the bottom of a knitting bin a quarter done or so and really contemplating pulling it out and finishing it. CRAZY yes probubly that scarf caused me enough greif to throw it into a bin where it has remained since last year but we'll see. I want to finish the skirt first.