Friday, January 20, 2006

almost there

So I bought new addi turbos since I can't take how slow knitting on denises are anymore. I will be using htem to finally start this pattern. Which I am very impressed to say only cost me a measley $15 to purchase all the yarn for. YAY!

I will be starting it as soon as I finish Nathan's scarf which is very close. YAY! Can anyone please explain to me why scarves can be so painful to knit? I can get through about half fine and then it becomes such a chore. I can fully knit and finish a sweater in a quarter the time it takes me to finish a scarf. Shameful? probubly but still true.

The super bowl sale is going to be happening soon at work. I am very very excited. If you live in the Va Beach area at all you should come out. Bobbie puts awesome stuff at the lowest prices ever for a day so she can get ready for her new inventory and that day is always Super Bowl Sunday. Amusing yes.

Thats that. I started to knit the Jaywalker socks from Mag knits. I really really wanna be in the knit along. I want to know why I never hear about the knitalongs I would like to do until they are already closed. Sigh. Depressing I'll still knit it all anyways and lurk the knitalong but its not the same.

So wha else. .... nothing much. I watched sci-fi fridays with my family as usual and I am still loving Battlestar Galactica. They put out a new show though that looks really good called John Doe. I watched the first episode today interested to see where it goes.

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