Saturday, December 31, 2005


Juicey Fruiter is an amusing blog about park ranger life. I quite enjoied it.

As for life in the wonderful world of me. Well a few things of interest have occured. I got the last skein I needed to finish the baby blanket. YES! I am going to finish it before the New Year ball falls.

Nathan returned from Wisconson. I mailed my Flickr pals gift. Ordered this shirt. I really don't need it but it was on sale and I like that company so I wanted something from it. Its still a cute shirt though and I am excited to get it even though I should have put the money aside for spendage for my Bonneville Speed week vacation.

I wish I could find the USB cord to the camera so I could post all the cool loot I got for X-mas and all the projects I've finished or am working on.

I made plans for August to attend the Bonneville Speed Week on the Salt Flats of Utah before I transfer to Richmond, VA to attend VCU. Very exciting both the Speed week and VCU. though I have to admit at the moment I am a bit more excited about Speed week. Especially since I am going to fly into Tulsa and Ryan and I are going to drive the rest of the way in his Bel Aire. Can I just say that this is a dream? I am going to be spending two glorious days in a Bel Aire a car whose tires I am not fit to wash. Sigh pure bliss just thinking about it. So that is in between summer school and moving. YES!

A friend of mine gave me this link. I think some of you might like it. Its all about color in fashion. very niffty. Fashion in Colors

I think that about covers it for today folks.

Friday, December 23, 2005


I have been knitting up a storm. I am on the last 7 rows of trim for the Glamprye One skein Wonder which is turning out wonderfully. I'll be sure to post pictures once I find my camera or Nathan gets back. I am waiting for the last skein for the baby blanket but in the mean time I started to write a pattern for a Jacket and Bag that are a take after Cruella De Vills' from 101 Dalmations. I am ordering the yarn for it on tuesday so hopefully it will work so I can dress up as cruella for Halloween next year.

I am working on Jesse's scarf which is a slightly altered Here and There cbales scarf from the Scarf Style book (pg. 15) its really easy but looks like it would have been hard. I did the first half of the scarf in a week and then took 6 months to finish the rest of it because I was being side tracked by other projects, school etc... The alterations include making it striped, about a quater shorter in width, and adding a fisher man's necking to it (where its more narrow at the point where the scarf naturaly rests on the neck). I have a few pictures from when I was working on it earlier this year. I should have the final pictures soon since i have four stripes to go. YAY! Thats the plan for tonight. Watch movies and finish Jesse's scarf so I can mail it to him.

I started the Bike bag from an old Vogue knitting (the one with the felted rose bag). I have to rip it though since i was working on it while watching Lost in Translation and messed up on the original cast on. I put on one to many stitches. No biggie didn't get very far into it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Not Martha (see links) just recently posted this article about knitting graffiti. Very cool.

Another Graffiti artist I have stumbled upon recently is Swoon.This is an interview with the New York Times that she did recently. I really admire her work not only for the idea behind it but for the beauty and details that she puts into it. She really had great ability as an artist. I would love to continue to ramble on about it but honestly I think the work speaks for it self.

Sigh. I think I am going to have to ask Donna for that book I lent her on Graffiti back. I really sort of miss it.


due to a MIA(missing in action) camera I haven't been able to take photos of my sweater yet but I have worn it out twice already and recieved compliments. I have been commisioned for a sweater vest and two scarves. I will work on them shortly. Tomorrow I am going to go purchase more fling in code pink since I ran out of it in the home stretch. DERN! I needed it for 8 more rows. I have 30 more to go and sadly I can't get through the plain section that didn't need the Fling run with it because I ran out of the fling before that part.

Which gives me the perfect excuse to start Glamprye's One Skein Wonder which I am so excited to start. hmm... well I am going to go run off and work on some more knitting while catching up on my reading of everyone elses blog.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Race to the Finish.

YAY! I finally finished the Rowan Ribbon Twist sweater "Erin". After it taking a whole year, a lack of one skein, and the sewing of one sleeve inside out due to not paying attention to how I had lined it up its all done. I wore it to work today and it was awesome. Love it. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Now that school is in recess I am determined to finish all my back logged projects. I am going to finish the baby blanket tonight for example since I have only 50 rows left. Yes! then it can get washed and packaged to mail out to Denise for her little girl.

I have four more stripes to go on Jesse's scarf another one thats taken a year to do. For shame on me. After I get those done I am going straight to the Angelina jacket and my Rowan Cardigan whose name I can't remember at the moment.

Tomorrow will be picture day and I am super excited to have two projects for sure finished. I'll photo the progress on the others as well.