Monday, April 17, 2006

So I have been doing alot of school work lately so I haven't had much time to post. I have been managing to squeeze in some knitting time here and there though. I finished a hat with cat ears and ear flaps for Kaligh since she made hers to big a didn't like it. I geuss she doesn't want it though since she made another one at Michelle's when we were all hanging out knitting and watching Audrey Hepburn movies.
Michelle and I dyed mohair that I had been given a while ago with easter egg dye. I am really excited to show it off. I had to leave before it was fully dry so I don' t have pictures to show yet but soon.
I am working on my hot tamale skirt. Its a slow knit since i have to weave the colors into each other as I go. I hate bobbining so I have to un wind he yarns from one another periodiclly. I only have a like 40 more rows to go. Its coming along well though.

Ok well i had better get back to working on my photography since I am in class right now. Shhh.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Man. Knittapalooza has me working hard.
Today I won an award for a charcoal drawing I did in Drawing one. I got the Dean's award and $250. So thats nice it'll all go toward Bonneville. I am determined to make it there. I am just $350 away... Well really only about $300. The plane tickets are going to be the most expensive part. Oh well I am totally determined to go.

I finished my cowboy hat on Monday this past week and took pictures.

It was alot of fun to make and went suprisingly quickly. This was my first real crochet project and I bought the yarn Saturday and finished it Monday. Pretty crazy.

I finished my Alicia jacket from the Rowan Big Wool book today. It fits great although the pattern calls for a zipper and I keep getting everyone telling me "no no don't put in a zipper it looks lovely with out it and it'd be easier to dress it up with out one" so now I am going to wait on a zipper. Need to debate it a bit longer. For anyone knitting the pattern I will say that I think that picture was being a bit crafty because when you follow the directions for installing the collar it leaves some nasty gaps (they are totally fixable) on the front panel sections. I just wove the holes together so it looked normal but I was a bit annoyed with the fact that it did that and that it appears that they had the same problem and just covered it up with the models hair. Still the jacket is lovely and very charming.

Made some vynil bracelts with multiple friends this week. they are jsut so easy and fun to make its hard not to whip the up. Here's one I gave to my friend joy.

I think that about covers it. Well I am off to craft some more.