Friday, June 09, 2006

what did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato when he fell behind?

Katchup! that the pulp fiction quote of the weekend and the name of the game.

13 rows and counting left of the motif.

the rose bag hasn't budged same with the Angelina Jacket.

My weekend will be filled with the partial disassemblement of my room. So far I have gathered most everything to take up to storage. I still need to take apart my bed (the fram is going to storage). Man I am so ready to just vegg.

Plan today in the craft way is to make earrings lots and lots of them. like... 20 of them. yup. Maybe I'll see about making candles tomorrow. I need to use the wax that Nathan's mom gave me and soon. I'm not moving that stuff.

I also need to go in and put handles on my pitcher before it dries (I was thinking about making it look like a granade too since it kind of has that shape already and I thought it'd be kind of cool to have a granade pitcher. If i do that I'm going to have to make some mini granade cups to match. fun stuff. I am really enjoying pttery this semester. I loathed it the last time I took it but this semster I feel like I'm doing alot better at controlling the forms. Its still a 6 to 1 ratio. I mess up 6 forms before I get one that I can keep(these are by no means perfect either).

I also have to study Math with Sara she has a test tuesday and I have a test thursday and we're both not to excited about either. I am so glad I didn't take her class. I could never remember 5 chapters of math for one test. My class has a test for every 2 chapters. Thank heavens.

Feeling a bit down but I think its more because I'm not doing anything than anything else.

I wish my Zombie Kitten Skirt would get here. I want to wear it everywhere.

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