Friday, April 29, 2005

this is really cute.

I have been running into a bunch of really cute crochet patterns lately. Gonna have to get going on some of those I think.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

loopy and lucious2005

Ignore how awful I look and please draw your attention to the fabulous scarf that Nathan Novak of describes as "Halloween as F(bleeped da bleep)" and many and old lady has stopped me to say how lovely they think it is.

It contains two parts kid merino to one part Hip Hop yarn. Which you can see knit up creating a lovely contrast between the thick and thin yarns. This takes a set of size 17 needles and some tender loving care. Let it sit for a few days during frustrations and wallah in no time you can have one of these amazing scarves too. Pattern found on

read this part super fast
please note that there may be some allergic reactions for people sensitive to wools and animal fibers, needles are pointy and should be used for their specified purposes if not the eyes maybe lost and things impaled. This pattern may cause light headedness and lushness.Please knit safely.

Friday, April 22, 2005

one down more to go

So I finished the Loopy and Lucious scarf I was working on. I'll post pictures as soon as Flickr is back up since it had a crash recently.
I am determined to finish the baby blanket this weekend. It will be done. Same with the misfits pillow. I need to chat with Amber about the link to that by the way. just a quick Personal reminder.

I went to the Norfolk knitting group that all the peta workers go to. It was interesting. I think I'll go agian some time even though I do knit with sheep. They were all knitting with acrylics and cottons so I didn't feel so bad.

I can't wait to show off the loopy and lucious scarf. Hopefully flickr won't be down long.

this weeks goals
* baby blanket
* onsies for jo
* bikini for Chrissy
* start the bike bag

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

rachel and greg 2005

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For rachel and Greg.
Sorry I can't make it.

Another Day

So today I got recomended to a new yarn site called Pluckyfluff it has some niffty yarns.

My car is still broken down so I got dropped off moyo early at work and got to knit like crazy today. I am almost half finished with the little baby blanket I was working on. The pink one.

I went to Target and bought the onsies that I am going to embroder for the little babies that I need to gift. I am doing two for Nancy's baby boy Jo who was born weighing in at 8 Lbs. His poppa is proud his momma is proud and all the rest of us are excited to see him. The other two onsies will be divided one going to Denise's baby and the other to Brittany's baby. Hopefully they'll like them. I'll start on them tomorrow.

I also got some cute sweaters from Wlamart sounds like an oximoron but its not. Tomorrow I am going to totally doll it up. I love new clothing. I also got a cute new Jacket since my fav black jacket shrank. Dern dryers

I recieved a wedding announcement for my friend Greg Hill to a Rachel Amanda La Var. I am moyo happy for them. I wish I could attend but I am unable so I will send my congradulations and a gift. I'll see if I can put up a pic of the happy couple soon.
I am going to try to go to Utah in June for Christina's wedding though. We'll see. She is having two receptions one in Utah on in PA.

Well I am off to clean my room, play dress up with my new clothing, and go through some of my old clothing to the Salvation Army.

Figuring it all out and getting to work

Remember this list? Well I have edited it to see what got finished what still in the works and how things are coming.

1)Jesse's infamous scarf
* it's half way finished
2)Angelina Jacket
* started about 25 % done
*about 50% done
3)Erin sweater
* have the yarn and started it once only to have to rip the whole thing out
4)Twine kitting class
* can't do it til Knitapolloza
5) latvian wristers
* can't do til Knitapolloza
6) 3 geishia baby blankets
* need to purchase yarn they are all going to be white and then I'll add a satin
ribbon through the edgeing

* decided instead to make two diffrent blankets that I like more and embroder onsies for the other baby. The two blankets are started and one is half finished the other is a quarter finished and I bought the onsies.
7)Coverse mocked baby booties
* need to buy yarn
* lost the pattern I was going to base it off of. Still Looking
8)tourquois bikini for Tante Chrissy
* bought yarn need to start
* started need to finish it
9)space invaiders hat and scarf
* started hat... need to finish it and do the scarf (double knitting required)
10) Debbie Bliss Teddy Bear Jacket
*need to get yarn
11) Marty's scarf
* need to buy splash yarn
12) Mikie's misfits pillow
* the misfit is done need to make the back part and buy stuffing.
13)Moster Party sweater
* bought yarn, need to create a pattern
* started working ona pattern
14) Double Helix scarf
* half way finished
15) the bike bag from Vogue knitting
* have yarn and pattern
16) felted rose bag from Vogue
* need to order yarn have the pattern
17) Cruella Devil Jacket and Bag
* need to refine pattern and order yarn

Monday, April 11, 2005

its a moo-stash

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My friend and I have a wonderful running joke about the fuzzy upper lip accessory. I'm just continue-ing this line of humor.

Friday, April 08, 2005


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My lucky clover sprouted today! I planted them a week ago right before I went to MacRock (which was a blast by the way). I bought them at target in the dollar spot. Awesome. I have some black eyed susans, fressia, and forget me nots to plant too. I gave my mom the sun flowers, chives, and another pack of balck eyed susans but I don't think she's planted hers yet. I'll keep photo graphing lucky's progress. Lets hope I don't accidently kill it. I am natourious for doing that with plants but I seen to be doing ok so far with lucky. We'll see.


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this is where I am with maybe one or two more inches completed on the top. Sigh. Its a stand off. I will finish it by July but at the moment I need a break to do something that actually feels like its getting some where. Damn the Endless Inch! hedwig has nothing on this baby!

new crafts april2005

new crafts april2005
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thank you Donna for lending me this pattern. It is perfect and really fun to knit. I love it.

I have been having a blast with embrodery lately. Its fast its easy its like drawing with a sewing needle. I love it. So this is the idea I am currently working on. Compostion note books that have been covered and embrodered. I am debating on selling some to a local record shop that would probubly be into them. We'll see. I want more feed back first.