Friday, May 02, 2008

Schools out for summer Alice Coper would be proud

Well the semester is over and I am happy to say I did well in everything except metals which I figured since I basically stopped going after I missed the second critique. Oh's the wells. I'll survive making a bad grade in a class I don't need to get A's and B's in the ones I do need any ol' day.

New things.

My roommate got a Kitten. He is adorably vicious. Liking to claw and sratch things. He thinks that I am a climbing post which is going ot be very interesting as he gets older.

I also got a pet. Whilst looking at the for sale board at the school after leaving the bank I noticed a notice for a 43 inch ball python with tank and etc. Decided what the heck I'll go look at it and hold it since I like snakes and the ad says friendly. Needless to say I fell in love with the little fellow and now have a new pet snake. Which I have agreed to let Nathan say is his. Nathan changed his name from Big Louie to Damien (the name of the wrestler Jake the Snake's snake).

Other than that.

My brothers are all graduating from something (2 from community college and 1 from High school), I am going to Texas with my Mom to see my Omi soon, getting my tracker back in time for the summer with a new soft top, engine and bumper. My Family is moving to Ohio in a month and I am getting a new mac for my birthday. Yippee!

That about sums it up.