Thursday, August 17, 2006

My knitting was going along famously... until I finished the eyelet rows. I followed the pattern to the letter and it ended up to long (it called for it to be 17 3/4 inches before you start the rib to finish the panel and I got 19 inches on the row of the last eyelets) Very frustrating. I went on a search to try and find any pattern corrections but haven't been able to find anything except another knitter having a problem with one of her patterns who couldn't find any corrections either. So I did the next logical thing. I found her swimsuit business email and I emailed her about my problem. I am praying that her spammer doesn't reduce my email to trash and I make it though as well as get a responce. This is really annoying I was in the last little bit of finishing. I really wanted to wear this while the weather was still hot. Sigh. We'll see what happens. I will post pictures of what I have for now for you Denise since you had requested it as well as scan in a picture of what the pattern is supose to turn out like since I am sure you are all curious.

I also got in touch with a fellow knitting blogger,The knitting virgin who also had a problem with one of Ashely Paige's patterns. She replied with this email.

"I'll find the corrections I used and forward them along to you by email. I'll also send you another blogger's info to contact. She got some corrections from the publisher, but I couldn't open her attachments. Maybe she could send it to you. I actually got fed up and am giving away my book. It wasn't worth the effort to me as I'm still a moderate knitter and not ready to improvise and think that hard. I'll try to get my stuff together by tomorrow. :)"

I am very grateful to her for her quick responce and help and would also like to extend a note of thanks to whom ever it was who helped her. I will be sending another email to ashley Paige requesting she make a webpage listing her book corrections.

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