Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am one determined cookie to finish my olympic knitting tonight. I am down to the last two panels (one quarter panel and the 9 inch seed stitch patch that connects the two bag peices).

I have had alot of fun participating in this even though I've been bad about keeping up on updating about my progress. I do have some pictures to post but I think I'll do that tomorrow as a final post a sort of beginning to end thing.

In other news the new Stitch and Bitch book is out. I have already ordered it off Amazon they have them on sale right now. My freind and co-worker Sherry was going to submit a pattern but decided not to at the last minute but three other crafters whose journals I read made it in so I am really excited to see their patterns and try them.

Sherry gave me a noni pattern Camellia Flowers for felting, or not. Excited to try that out soon.

I am going to Boston next week so I want to check out a knit shop or two up that way. They have a cute one called the Knittin Kitten that I would love to go check out.

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robyn said...

And off to the bookstore I go!