Sunday, January 08, 2006

Things have been kind of busy lately. Today I'm going to the Jivin and Drivin radio show and later the Bloodshot Bill's show. I am really excited about both. I have to go pick up Nathan's dad from the airport inbetween the two since Nathan is at work and Evan is at a Funeral. So thats the day ahead.

Crafty things I finished are:

the Erin sweater
Denises's baby blanket
The One Skein Wonder (which did only take one skein)

I am working on: (how much is completed)

Nathan's double knit scarf (1/2)
Jesse's cabled scarf (3/4)
Angelina Jacket (I misplaced the pattern so its on hold) (1/2)
a Rowan sweater the name of which aludes me right now (1/2)

I made cupcakes yesterday they were a big hit even though they didn't turn out the way I wanted. I was trying to make them the blog cupcakes. I'll load pictures later.
I think they are possible I just need to work on them. We'll see I'll make them again some time soon.

Well I best get ready for all the running around I'm going to be doing.


nicole said...

you're finishing so much more than i've been, even though i've got like 20 projects on the needles (seriously).
and do you have a button for your site, cos i wanna link you.

Heidi said...

Hey Nicole. Thanks for the interest.I took all of the winter break to just catch up on ufo's.haha. Seriously most of those had been a year in the works. I am hoping it won't be so bad this year.By the way I'm linking your blog as well. I put up a button on the sidebar so feel free to pick it up.