Tuesday, March 29, 2005

one happy baby

one happy baby
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All I can say is Awwww....hes a so cute.

David Nathan

David Nathan
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According to his momma he just had a tickle attack so thats why David is looking a little confused as to what just happened.


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the squiggles are created with clorox gel pens.


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I love this skirt as soon as the pattern comes out I am all over it.


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I'm the scarf lady


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this jacket was pretty dern awesome if i don't mind saying so.


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The Knittapolloza modeling gang. It was a blast this year. I can't wait to go agian in 2006.
I haven't posted in a while I geuss we'll play catch up then real fast.
My secret pals package came in the mail. Loved it. It had red yarn from Knit pics, some froggie erasers for everyday of the week (super hot), an iron on patch that says Hottie (i used it to cover an ink stain on a bag I made). It was a great package and I thank you my secret pal for all the goodies.
I mailed my secret pals package that I thought had already gone out but hadn't. Sigh* Its frustrating when that happens.
I have been working on a bunch of stuff off and on. the jacket is coming along. I still have a ways to go. Hopefully I'll get it done for the summer time.
I went to my grand dad's for easter. Which was cool. Did some knitting up there in Snow Hill and alot of reading.
I started an embrodery peice thats coming along pretty good. I Like how easy and quick embroadery is.
Got some new pictures of my god baby. He's such a cutie. I'll post my favorites. He and his family are moving to Utah. It makes me sad that they are going to be so far away. I am gonna go out to Utah in the summer time to see some friends get married. So I geuss it won't be so bad.
I got some of the knittapolloza pictures from the fashion show. I'll post some of those.
Yup.... Uh not much else. School is going pretty decent. Works doing good and I go to MacRock on Saturday. YAY!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Knit your own Super Hero

Super hero Pantheon
I found this link while I was browsing around. Its pretty awesome if I don't mind saying so myself. I hope that everyone else enjoys it. Its all knit and crochet.

Call me Biased.

I watched Lily design and createthis whole poncho in the space of two days. She even ripped out half of it and redid that portion after deciding it didn't look like martha's. It was very cool to meet her and room with her. She is a tireless worker who loves all yarn crafts and is just amazing. She taught at Knittapolozza which was a blast this year and I can't wait for the next one. I will fill in more of the blanks later. I have to go get ready for classes and my test. Check out the poncho though compared to the other two that have come out from the coming home poncho from Lion brand (its also available in a knit version) and Bernat's "martha's poncho" I think this one is the closest.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

bad bikini

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I started this bikini on sunday and I was knitting along looking at it and think man this seems really big but people talked me down and I was still like man this seems huge. So I held it up on myself and this is how it looks. ITs humongous. HAHA so I re-read the directions. I messed up ever so slightly in two sections so I will be ripping this out when I get the chance. HAHA. most amusing. At least its not a huge project.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


debbie bliss's

I love this jacket and wear it quite a bit. Not to bad for some free yarn gifted from a friend who inherited it from a great aunt.Thanks Jill.

marty's scarf

marty's scarf
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This is the scarf I made for my friend marty upon her request. I hope its the color she wanted I know its one she recommended. So we'll see, eh?


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I love this fabric its from here. They have lots of cuteness.
I would love to order tons of this stuff. I will however refrain until I get my sewing machine fixed or get a new one.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So I am going to make for you all to see the list of things I have going on knit wise.

1)Jesse's infamous scarf
* it's half way finished
2)Angelina Jacket
* started about 25 % done
3)Erin sweater
* have the yarn and started it once only to have to rip the whole thing out
4)Twine kitting class
* can't do it til Knitapolloza
5) latvian wristers
* can't do til Knitapolloza
6) 3 geishia baby blankets
* need to purchase yarn they are all going to be white and then I'll add a satin
ribbon through the edgeing
7)Coverse mocked baby booties
* need to buy yarn
8)tourquois bikini for Tante Chrissy
* bought yarn need to start
9)space invaiders hat and scarf
* started hat... need to finish it and do the scarf (double knitting required)
10) Debbie Bliss Teddy Bear Jacket
*need to get yarn
11) Marty's scarf
* need to buy splash yarn
12) Mikie's misfits pillow
* the misfit is done need to make the back part and buy stuffing.
13)Moster Party sweater
* bought yarn, need to create a pattern
14) Double Helix scarf
* half way finished
15) the bike bag from Vogue knitting
* have yarn and pattern
16) felted rose bag from Vogue
* need to order yarn have the pattern
17) Cruella Devil Jacket and Bag
* need to refine pattern and order yarn

So that is all the stuff I could think of that I have to do...Shameful how bad I have gotten at not getting anything done. I am not allowing myself to sign on for any more till this is all knit.