Thursday, August 24, 2006

Move In Day

Today I moved into my new apartment at the Appalachian Center for Craft. I am very, very excited to be attending school there. I missed meeting my room mate, Anna. She's visiting her mother this weekend so I'll meet her on Monday. I think that I may already have a job with the Appalachian Centers Art Gallaries. I have to go pick up an official transcript tomorrow but I already talked to the people in charge of placing me at the Facility so we will see how it goes.

Felted Bag Part III
I found my missing yarn. YAY! I started the back panel before I went to bed last night. I am right about to start the trellis pattern. Then its just the bottom, leaves, flowers and bows. I can't wait!

lil' Mermaid top
I finished the front pannel. I hope that it will all work out I am pretty sure that it will. I am working on the i-cord that goes throught the eyelets and as soon as that finishes I will seam up the front and back pannels and start the ruffle. I am hoping to finish it by Monday so I can wear it to classes with the necklace and bracelet my Tante Chrissy gave me. The necklace and braclets color was the inspiration for the color I chose for the top. I have to say other than the minor problem with the pattern this tube top is really easy to make.

Then I just have to decide what to pick up next. I still haven't finished the Angelina Jacket. hmmm...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

to gnome me is to love me

While visiting my friends blogs I ran into the cutest of cute patterns that a friend of mine is doing and had to find it so I can do it myself. The pattern is a crochet gnome! I love gnomes. They have a spot in my heart not only because they are freakin' adorable but because my grandparents, parents and brothers all love gnomes. We have them in the garden, we have them in the house, when we were little we'd watch "David the Gnome" and my father would make up stories when we'd go hiking about all the things gnomes, elves and dawrfs would do. I love gnomes and now I can make cute little gnomes too. The pattern is from Let's go Ice Skating whose blog is really very fun. I am defiantly going to have to keep reading her blog. The link above will lead you straight to the gnome pattern on her blog for all interested parties. I am going to go look for my hooks and some yarn tonight and get started on some gnomes to send to friends and family. So so cute.

SnB and Felted Rose Bag part II
Last night I went to the Tullahoma Stitch and Bitch for the second time. I love the yarn store where its held and the women are very nice though most of them were there for a dying class rather than the SnB. But it was still nice to meet people and see some of the ladies from last week. I worked on the Felted Rose bag by Nicky Epstien. I finished the Handles. I miss placed three skeins of the yarn I bought for it and so I have been working on whatever I can untill I find it. Which should be soon. I know its around here somewhere since I had it not two weeks ago. I have a terrible habit of putting things places so they will be safe and then forgetting where it was that I put it. Really rather annoying. So the front pannel and the handles are finished. YAY.

No news on the Lil' Mermaid Top Corrections
So I am just going to fudge it. I am rather sad about not being able to get the corrections for any of the patterns. I had wanted to do some of the other patterns in the book. I'll keep looking though and see what happens. I'll also keep you all in the loop as to what happens with the top. I really want to wear it this summer.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The dreaded BF sweater

So my boyfriend finally popped the question. No! Not that question, the other question. The "Will you knit me a sweater?" question. And I said yes of course. So we went through the whole what do you want kick. He doesn't really own any sweaters so he had no idea he just wanted a sweater and I was like I'm not knitting something that your not wearing. So he went through patterns and liked the Warrior pattern by Brandon Mably in the Rowan Magazine 39. Its pictured below.

He didn't want that color palette however so we are going to change it to White, Grey, Charcoal Grey, Black and a deep blue based Red. He looks good in those colors and he wears them alot. I think we're going to do cotton because Nathan is always to warm.

The project should get underway soon. I plan on looking at yarn tomorrow while I am at the Stitch n Bitch and seeing what options are available to me. Nathan will be sending me his chest dimensions tomorrow as well since I don't know if he is an xl or a xxl. He's a big guy. If he's a xxl I need to figure out how to enlarge the pattern which doesn't look like it will be to difficult... hopefully. Its a beautiful sweater though and I am excited to do it. Although I am praying that the break up susperstition is just a superstition.

Knitters are Sexy

So I stumbled across this club on some of the other knitting blogs I had been reading lately and really liked what it was rooting for. The Sexy Knitters club is for knitters who think knitting is for sexy vibrant women which we all are and so I decided to join. So here's to the sexy knitters club.

New icon

I made a new button for my blog. Its on the left and contains this cute little fellow that I just created.

Thought he'd make a good mascot. Now if I can just figure out how to get it in the banner. hmmm... still working on that.

Vogue's Felted Rose Bag part I

I ripped out what I had knit of the felted rose bag because I couldn't figure out where I was in realtion to the pattern and since I hadn't gotten very far decided to just go for it.

I finished the front panel. It looks awesome. I can't wait to finish the rest of the bag which shouldn't take very long. I am trying to figure out if I am doing the bottom right. It says to cast on 10 stitches and then increase every other row til I have 14 stitches then knit in Stockinet til I get to 6 inches. The thing is that the bottom of my front panel is alot longer than 6 inches. Am I supose to just sew it in a manor that it will work or am I doing something wrong. I am curious.

I joined this knit-along for the felted rose bag. I am excited about that. Here is a button that will link any interested parties to that blog. It will also be posted on the side bar which to my annoyance seems to move up and down the page at a whim. I am going to have to figure out a way to make that stop.

I still haven't heard anything about the pattern corrections for the Little Mermaid Tubetop which is sad and some what annoying I am about ready to fudge it. I really want to know what other patterns have issues though since I have the book and I do like some of the other patterns in it. Hopefully something will come through with that.

I finished an embrodered pillow case for Nathan. I hope he likes it its part of our Alphabet-along. It covers the letter A. I need to find the camera so I can share all this stuff.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My knitting was going along famously... until I finished the eyelet rows. I followed the pattern to the letter and it ended up to long (it called for it to be 17 3/4 inches before you start the rib to finish the panel and I got 19 inches on the row of the last eyelets) Very frustrating. I went on a search to try and find any pattern corrections but haven't been able to find anything except another knitter having a problem with one of her patterns who couldn't find any corrections either. So I did the next logical thing. I found her swimsuit business email and I emailed her about my problem. I am praying that her spammer doesn't reduce my email to trash and I make it though as well as get a responce. This is really annoying I was in the last little bit of finishing. I really wanted to wear this while the weather was still hot. Sigh. We'll see what happens. I will post pictures of what I have for now for you Denise since you had requested it as well as scan in a picture of what the pattern is supose to turn out like since I am sure you are all curious.

I also got in touch with a fellow knitting blogger,The knitting virgin who also had a problem with one of Ashely Paige's patterns. She replied with this email.

"I'll find the corrections I used and forward them along to you by email. I'll also send you another blogger's info to contact. She got some corrections from the publisher, but I couldn't open her attachments. Maybe she could send it to you. I actually got fed up and am giving away my book. It wasn't worth the effort to me as I'm still a moderate knitter and not ready to improvise and think that hard. I'll try to get my stuff together by tomorrow. :)"

I am very grateful to her for her quick responce and help and would also like to extend a note of thanks to whom ever it was who helped her. I will be sending another email to ashley Paige requesting she make a webpage listing her book corrections.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So finsihed school at TCC. I should be walking in December for two AAA's one in Fine Arts and one in Crafts. Hurray for being finished.

I start school at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in a week. I'll be working on getting a BA in Fiber Arts aka Textile design. I am really stoked on that.

I moved to Tennessee about a week ago. Its beautiful here. Tons of forests and lakes and wildlife. My parents live about an hour from Nashville. There is still tons to do though. For example there is a 3 screen drive in theater down the road along with a yarn store sporting a stitch and bitch every tuesday. I'll be going tomorrow and let you know how that goes. There alot of museums and attractions around as well. The Jack Daniels distillery for example is just 12 miles downt he road.

My knitting has been coming along since I finished school. I am almost done with the front panel of the Little Mermaid Tube Top from the Ashliegh Paige book. I am really excited about finishing it since it means I'll finally have something to wear a really cute orange beaded neckalce and bracelet that my aunt sent me that I didn't have anything that matched it. So thats exciteing.

Once thats done I am going to go back and fix the problem I was having with the Flame skirt. I should have just gone with the intarsia but I decided to weave and it was my undoing. I think I can get away with cutting the back thread and weavign it in. If it doesn't work... then I will buy new yarn and start a new. For now the plan is to try this idea out. I think it should work.

My knitting class went well. I was excited to teach it and all the girls were lovely. 3 of the four were able to finish their pencil bags and the last one was going to take the class agian this month with Nancy.

So that whats new with me. Sorry to have not posted for so long.