Tuesday, January 17, 2006

organizing crisis

So I got an email back from the lego knitting machine creator. He was very nice and it read
"Hi Heidi,

Thank you for your nice note. As of now, I do not intend to put
together plans for the knitting machine. In the near future (once my
bandwidth crisis dies down), I will be posting some more pictures.
Perhaps these pictures will help others who are trying to build
something similar.

Again, Thanks for the note,


So thats that. Still I am totally impressed that there is a lego knitting machine.

I have been really weird lately in the fact that I have been cleaning my room when I want to procrastinate on something. Now while this might sound like a normal thing this is not a regular occurance for me. I think it has to do with the fact that I hadn't seen my desk top in.... months. And that means I can't sew which I have been wanting to do lately. I have also been wanting to purge lately which is great because I really am a terrible pack rat. (I save wrappers to packaging I like to give you an example of exactly how bad it is). Yesterday was actually sort of embarassing. I saw my friend Joy's room which is really very cool, but back to the point, she has everything extremely organized. Down to little labled boxes and books of like subjects put together and then we came to my room to get something and I have things balanced here that hold up this yada yada yada. I geuss I really don't think about it I just get up and go but still I was kind of jealous of the way everything was so organized. I want to be organized.

So what else. I have been working on Nathan's scarf and it doesn't feel like its getting anywhere. I think thats why I don't like knitting scarves. I get through the first half in like a half a day and the second half takes me a month. Go figure. It think its because on most scarves by that point its just repeative. At least on a sweater you have increasing and decreasing and all sorts of other suprises to get to. On scarves they are just repeative after the first half. I am determined however to finish Nathan and Jesse's scarves so help me Amelia Bedelia. I miss Amelia Bedelia. What mistchif she could get her self into. hehe. In fact here's some fun with Amelia Bedilia.

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