Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New projects to start a new semester

Summer schools started agian. I am taking Algebra, Intro to Psychology, Wheel thrown pottery and Drawing 4(which I do as an independant study).

So far the semester is going amazingly well. I even get time to knit while waiting for my math teacher to get to class he's always late.

I started a new project. The felted rose bag from the March 2005 Vogue Knitting Magazine. I am very excited to be finally making this bag. Ican't wait to see how it is going to turn out.

My skirt is coming along really well too. I have 32 rows of the 58 that make up the flame motif finished. It shouldn't be to much longer til I get through those last 26. Then its home free knitting all in black with out having to worry bout counting or unwinding bobbins. It will be amazing.

My dress that I am sewing from the New Look pattern # 6457 is almost finished. I am really happy with how its turning out. I am having a small issue with the piping moving once or twice when I was sewing it on so I am going to remove that and resew it on the band that goes acoss the chest of the dress. I will make sure to post pictures gallore when its all finished.

My friend Sara is getting married next summer and wants a traditional 30's dress to honor her grandmother so she asked me to make it. I would be honored to do it so I found a pattern at the fabric store I think that she will love and then we can get the fabric and I can get that going. Pretty awesome.

I ordered an item off my long wish list last week.A zombie kitten skirt. They are so cute. I am getting the one with the rocket on the front on black instead of navy. Which I'll admit I was a little sad at first til I was thinking about it. I wear alot more black than I do navy so its a whole lot better to get it on black.
Also new to my wish list is a cupcake tree. Ya. I think I need one.

The double dutch group has yet to get off the ground. I am sad about that.

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