Thursday, March 02, 2006

I must be seriously addicted to yarn. I mean who in their right mind chooses knitting over sleep? Or decides that since they are heading some where cold it's the perfect time to finish a sweater so they can wear it when the get up there? haha I geuss it would be me.

Alicia the sweater is coming along well. I am a bit tired so I have to rip out what I started of the right panel today since I caught that I was off by a row in my increases which bothers me and since it knits so quickly I would feel ashamed if I weren't to go back and correct this minor of minor mistakes. I am fairly confindant that I wll have it finished in time for Boston though or at least to the point where I am sewing in the zipper.

Especially since I was wrong about it being Knitapolluza weekend. Its not until next month. Thank goodness. I was about to collapse from exhaustion. I think I am going to crash into bed now and finish my sweater tomorrow.

I am getting a hair cut tomorrow as well. Hurrah! Oh and my friend Ryan called from Tulsa. He's had a bad week and was looking for someone to cheer him up I was so flattered that he'd call me long distance and everything.

I am uber excited about going to Boston sunday. eeee! ok nite

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