Monday, November 13, 2006

trades, dyes, and weaves

Back agian.

The skull scarf is going well. Half of it is finished and a quarter of the next half is finished. I miss placed my pattern for a week so I couldn't finish it. I was suprised to realize I handled the pattern every day that it was missing and hadn't even realized it haha. I had used the back of it to write out my weaving pattern for class and had been using it daily for that. That project it done hurray. I really like weaving. I'll take a picture and show you the first sampler I did. Its got some mistakes but I love the colors and had fun making it. Its a shame looms cost a whopper or I'd be begging to get one this christmas. Maybe next year... probubly not.

So ya. Knitting is back underway. Hopefully I'll get up to weaving this weekend. Tomorrow we are starting a yarn dying section in fibers. YAY! granted we're using it for weaving I can't wait to experiment this x-mas break on my own. I need to make a bunch of hats for trading purposes.

Walt wants a hat, I want some of his bowls and a watering can.
I want some of brittany's beer glasses, don't know what she might want yet.
some other people have asked about hats but I can't think who off the top of my head.

I think I'll make a bunch and have them at the ready so people can just choose.

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