Sunday, May 14, 2006

I've been trying to get through the flame motif on the the skirt but its just not something that moves very quickly so I am only about half way through it. Its looking awesome though. I am very excited about it.

I bought some new knitting books and Magazines. Namely the new K1, the interveiw crochet issue, and the books

I am really excited about a few of the peices I really want to make a tub top that is in the sexy little knits. I think I am going to have to go get the yarn for that as soon as I fall in to some extra cash. I have been being really terrible about saving up my money the last $200 I got has gone down the drain and I am still trying to save up for Bonneville. I need to get all the money soon. I need to get the plane tickets. Maybe I'll go ahead and get those and then I'll worry about where my food money will come from later. Sigh. Ya. Shameful. I got enough for everything but the food and extra spending so that good.

I made a pearl necklace today with some of the beads and things I had laying around I am pretty stoked on it. Can't wait to wear it out.

So I am really excited because some girl friends and I are going to start a small double dutch group for the summer. I am so stoked on this I can not even begin to tell you all about it. If you've ever seen the group double dutchess then you to are probubly already amazed by the wonder that is double dutch after the age of 6. So I have been starting to practice jumping for that. I jumped for 15 minutes straight the other day and my calves were killing me for the next three days. Now that they aren't screaming at me I am going to go out and jump agian. Probubly tomorrow since I am exhausted from staying up all night last night (went to bed at 4) woke up at 9. I have issues where I can't sleep in. Never have been able to unless I force my self or I am exhausted and sick.

I have been trying to make a dress using a pattern I got from the store. I geuss the hard part is that I haven't used a pattern in years so I have already made a number of mistakes. Small things really but I am confused about something now that I have all the peice cut out and I am pinning them together for the front it seems like it'd need darts(i think thats the right terminalogy but I could be a million light years off) or something in order to make it bow out correctly and the pattern although it has it drawn on the small picture doesn't have a position marked on the actual peice for cutting those little dart spots out. So I am trying to figure that out. Sigh. It should look amazing once I get this all figured. And I use to think sewing was so easy in middle school.haha. We'll see eh.

You know I have been having this itch for making shrink-a-dinks for months and I have yet to do it. I think I'm gonna go get the stuff to do it and do that this week. I mean why not I love shrink-a-dinks its about time to scratch that itch.

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