Saturday, July 28, 2007

parcels and books

I mailed my first package out to my Virtual vacation pal. I hope that she enjoies it. I can't wait to see her response in her blog.

In other news the semester is winding down and I am almost through with working for my current job. Then I get a long over due vacation to Virginia where I fully intend to relax and knit and have a great time catching up with friends.

Speaking of friends my friend Cara just recently turned me onto this site,shelfari. Its a profile based site where you put in books you have read and rate them and people will recommend books for you to read. As I am always looking for great reads and like to know what others are reading I appreciate the concept. I'll be adding my profile link on the side in case your ever interested in seeing what I have read or am reading. One of my goals has been to read a book a month (at least) for the 1001 days list I made and I am proud to say that so far I have kept to it.

I am trying to think of what else I might have forgetten to mention but am drawing a blank. I'll post back here soon and let you know whats going on. hopefully I can through in something crafty since the past few posts have all been pretty non-craft related.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

pin me up before you go girl

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Stock rocker with your dirty eyes

I know its been a while. I got a job(oh horrors) at a restraunt as a waitress which takes up my evenings 5 to 6 nights out of the week and with school taking up my mornings 5 days out of the week I tend to use my time off for sleeping. Making me a very boring girl lately. haha Despite that I have to say I have been Kareokeing a few times actually sang (terribly) Blondie's Call Me which was a first. Singing Kareoke I mean not singing to Blondie. haha. I also sang girls just want to have fun. Rode on a motorcycle for the first time ever (and loved it definatly have to get me one of them suckers eventually). Found an amazing play ground called the imagination station and saw Transformers and Ratatoulli(sp). Both of which were great movies.

I met my roommates boyfriend Steve he lives in Seattle so meeting him isn't a normal occurance. He is perfect for her. I hope they can make it work with the distance. Speaking of distance my boo just moved to Richmond Virginia so he can attend VCU. I am going to be visiting from August 2 through the 7th and I get to see an awesome band that I have fallen head over heels for the night I fly in. HURRAY! The band is called Shiny Toy Guns. They are so catchy and awesome I can't wait to go dance my little butt off. Hmmm what else.

Nathan got some scarification on his ankle. For any of you unfamiliar with this its where a design is carved into your body with a scalple and then treated to cause scaring of that design. Nathan got the RCA logo with the little dog listening to the vintage record player in his ankle. Its going to look great when it heals. He called me to ask about some ideas for what to get and I suggested this one so I am feeling a little proud of his ankle since it was based on my suggestion. Though thats a silly thing really. haha Heres a photo of it just after it was finished. Sorry if you don't like blood.

And things that look great also includes this clothing company,Wai-Ching, my friend sara just turned me on to. Its a bit more expensive than I can afford currently but I am still very happy to drool especially over dresses like this one, "Vapor". Man that dress is just hott. I would love to have a dress like that.

I am hoping ot have plenty of time to finish my projects this summer soon since I put in my two weeks. School is coming up fast which means moving and running around to see counslers and fill out paper work. I still saved up the money I wanted to this summer though in just a month which is also awesome. Did well in my summer classes and got to visit nathan in VA twice by the time the summer is through so I am a happy girl.

My virtual pal should be excited I have been shopping like crazy for her. I am going to mail the first package on monday. I think I'm going to set up her packages by locations of popular attractions in TN. K well got to jet. <3