Sunday, June 18, 2006

I have to say I have been pretty happy with the way things are going latly although my knitting is lacking. I still have yet to finish the flame motif on the skirt. All other areas of life and craft are doing good. I started an on line journal to sell my excess items of craft and what-not.

those are a pair of earrings I made to sell as an example.

I have been asked to sell some of my wares down at a store on the ocean front as well so I am going to do that. Excited about it really,

School is going well. I am actually doing well in Math and I can't say I have any issues with any of my classes, teachers or classmates. I am suprised that its already mid-term. Hard to believe.

The house is beginning to look like one giant box of boxes. Kind of sad really never liked how houses look when your moving out. Its fun when your moving in because its like opening presents. Well I'm going to get back to what I need to be doing but I wanted to let you know what I've been up too.

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Mouse said...

How cool.. Are they made with shrink plastic? Love the designs!