Monday, August 21, 2006

The dreaded BF sweater

So my boyfriend finally popped the question. No! Not that question, the other question. The "Will you knit me a sweater?" question. And I said yes of course. So we went through the whole what do you want kick. He doesn't really own any sweaters so he had no idea he just wanted a sweater and I was like I'm not knitting something that your not wearing. So he went through patterns and liked the Warrior pattern by Brandon Mably in the Rowan Magazine 39. Its pictured below.

He didn't want that color palette however so we are going to change it to White, Grey, Charcoal Grey, Black and a deep blue based Red. He looks good in those colors and he wears them alot. I think we're going to do cotton because Nathan is always to warm.

The project should get underway soon. I plan on looking at yarn tomorrow while I am at the Stitch n Bitch and seeing what options are available to me. Nathan will be sending me his chest dimensions tomorrow as well since I don't know if he is an xl or a xxl. He's a big guy. If he's a xxl I need to figure out how to enlarge the pattern which doesn't look like it will be to difficult... hopefully. Its a beautiful sweater though and I am excited to do it. Although I am praying that the break up susperstition is just a superstition.


jodi said...

Please tell me you're not going to make him the coordinating headgear.

Heidi said...

No he defiantly isn't into the headgear action. Just the sweater. pity really. j/k!