Monday, February 06, 2006

Today the Olympic knitting originator, the yarn harlot, was on NPR. Pretty awesome.

I joined. My mom is joining.

Not to much has been going on. I have been knitting but just kind of jumping around from project to project. I am a stripe away from completion on Jesse's scarf though so that'll be the first to go.

The project I am knitting for the olympic games is going to be the bike bag from the Winter 2004/2005 Vogue knitting magazine. Love that bag. Have been wanting to knit it for a whole year but haven't been able to so now I can. I am ready. In three days the games will begin and I will become a knitting machine. Going head to head with some of the best knitters in the world. Compeating for that illustrious award, THE GOLD METAL! I am determined.

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AJ said...

Good luck with your Knitting Olympics project!