Monday, August 14, 2006

So finsihed school at TCC. I should be walking in December for two AAA's one in Fine Arts and one in Crafts. Hurray for being finished.

I start school at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in a week. I'll be working on getting a BA in Fiber Arts aka Textile design. I am really stoked on that.

I moved to Tennessee about a week ago. Its beautiful here. Tons of forests and lakes and wildlife. My parents live about an hour from Nashville. There is still tons to do though. For example there is a 3 screen drive in theater down the road along with a yarn store sporting a stitch and bitch every tuesday. I'll be going tomorrow and let you know how that goes. There alot of museums and attractions around as well. The Jack Daniels distillery for example is just 12 miles downt he road.

My knitting has been coming along since I finished school. I am almost done with the front panel of the Little Mermaid Tube Top from the Ashliegh Paige book. I am really excited about finishing it since it means I'll finally have something to wear a really cute orange beaded neckalce and bracelet that my aunt sent me that I didn't have anything that matched it. So thats exciteing.

Once thats done I am going to go back and fix the problem I was having with the Flame skirt. I should have just gone with the intarsia but I decided to weave and it was my undoing. I think I can get away with cutting the back thread and weavign it in. If it doesn't work... then I will buy new yarn and start a new. For now the plan is to try this idea out. I think it should work.

My knitting class went well. I was excited to teach it and all the girls were lovely. 3 of the four were able to finish their pencil bags and the last one was going to take the class agian this month with Nancy.

So that whats new with me. Sorry to have not posted for so long.

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Christine said...


I'll find the corrections I used and forward them along to you by email. I'll also send you another blogger's info to contact. She got some corrections from the publisher, but I couldn't open her attachments. Maybe she could send it to you. I actually got fed up and am giving away my book. It wasn't worth the effort to me as I'm still a moderate knitter and not ready to improvise and think that hard. I'll try to get my stuff together by tomorrow. :)