Monday, June 19, 2006

Vacation all I ever wanted

The mid terms have arrived and I am slowly strarting to wish for the end of the semester. I am just ready to have some time to myself. Time to make stuff, time to get use to the fact that I have finished a whole chapter of my life and time to figure out what the hell I am doing.

I am leaving in August to go study Fiber Arts. I'm not sure what I can do when I'm done and that kind of scares me. But I am really excited about getting to study something I already love indepth.

I worked on an illustration for a childrens book a friend is writting. I'm not allowed to show it to you because its agianst the contract but I am still excited to give it ot her and see what she thinks. This is just a test illustration to see if she likes my ideas and if she thinks it will work for her book. So we'll see.

I am working on a plastic canvas bag that I hope will be a sucess. I am pretty sure it will since my lil' brother walked in and looked at the first peice and said he thought it looked really cool. So that is a good indicator.

I found all my missing bags from the last move(we thought they lost a box) in a suitcase no one had used in forever that was in the garage. YAY! I was so sad when I thought that those bags had been lost but now they are found and I can finally fit my school books all in one bag agian(that box was for my large tote bags in particular).

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