Tuesday, November 30, 2004

You Got it
So lets see where to begin.
Last night I went to my usual monday night haunt at Border's Va beach Stitch and Bitch. We all think turning my pin up girl on yarn into a pin up mermaid on yarn will be the best image to use for the Va beach mascot. So I'll get right to making the final image for next week so Joanne can use her super compuer skills and equipment to get it all savvied up. I'm seeing business cards and t-shirts and fliers in the near future.
I bought the new bust magazine.. I am totally jammin on it. The reason **I am about to go on a slight rammble** well I was jet around in interspace and was checkin on Not Martha's creative girl wonder blog where she has made those super cute little magnifying marble magnets and posts instructions on how to do them. So I got all in the super craft mode. Like hmmm. I need a craft time this week. Knitting doesn't count I totally need to sit down and make pretty little things like magnifying magnets. So that was the plan then I'm at the SnB and I'm checkin out the new Bust(because who doesn't love that magazine?) and it has this whole section of super cute super crafty little how to makes... My inner craft hut camp nerd broke out for sure. I am seriously like why did I never think or do half of this stuff before and the other part is like wow I haven't done that in a while it was fun. So I'm like doodley doodley do time to have a craft time. Amber said she'd join me but if no one ends up joining me I think I'll be really happy to do it all by myself. Just me and a pile of glue sissors and cut up peices of everything you can think of. Creative chaos is so much fun.
So... On ward and upward. I want this really really bad. I think I'm going to buy it for myself. I have been wanting to learn embroidery lately (I am going to be one super prepared grandma). So yes I think I will purchase this delightful little set. woot woot. Emboridery here I come.
back to things I have actually acomplished.
I went to the library and payed my $3 fines and checked out and compostion book (a book on compostion not the black and white numbers from the dollar store in case there was any confusion). then peter and i went to Hancock fabrics where I bought a zipper(red very cherry looking), some ribbion(that didn't work out so its now in abox waiting for a project in the future), four button snaps(large) and some spree candies (chewy for extra goodness).
I obviously went by the bank and deposited my last check. oh I gave the 40 bucks to amber to get Peter's pixies ticket. So that was another gibber-jam to cross of the list.
Came home peter and I cleaned the main floor of the house and watched Fight club. I sewed the sweaters siding together and put in the neck snap and pinned in the zipper. That jam is now a vest. To bad I don't wear vests huh so it could be all done. Then at the snb I sewed in half the zipper and went to micheals (its down the block about a half a second) and got the knitting needles (size 15 us) for the erin sweater( how I didn't already have those is beyond me) and some yarn to for my brother to learn to knit on next week when his finger is cerifiably no longer broken. I feel like a mega spender. No more shopping after I get the embrodery kit and the book for mom for x-mas. thats. 60 bucks or there abouts more $$$ I'd be spending but it must be done.
Sigh I just ordered the embrodiry kit. goodie goodie gum drops. no more money spent is more money saved. So no more. Hiding my card till my next pay check.
anyways... So I have the last sleeve to knit I started it and the bottom finishing (which should be done and sewn on by the end of the day with its handy little snap included)then all thats left is to sew together the sleeves and put them on and knit up the arm finishings sew them on and put their little snaps in and that jam is done.
Well I'm running off to get started on my new day.
journal edit
I totally forgot about this! Mollie brought me back harbio gummie bears from Germany!!! YUM! I'll have to get her some kinder bueno to thank her.

Monday, November 29, 2004

So I started sewing the sweater together. I have the neck finishing sewn on and the shoulders sewn together. The sides are pinned and I am working ont he last sleeve thought I think I'm going to rip it all out since I got lost due to a lack of attention to detail at Ambers and now am worred that I'm going to be making it to short I already know I made the other a little longer than it had originally called for but it was only by a half and inch and I think it'll be fine. Better long than short.
I did some drawings for the SnB logo for the VA beach group. I have two mermaids, yarn ball and needles with halo and angle wings, a beach sitter knitting and a few other ideas that I need tofinish getting on paper. I hope they like one of them.
I really like the beach sitter. hehe its a funny shot. what else what else...
hung out at Ambers and knit with her. She was running into a funky run with her bag but I think she got past it. Its looking really good and she should get it finished super soon.
I think I want to have craft time this week and make some of the magnify magnets. their cute... maybe play around with my chess board idea (or checker board which ever you play).
well I best get to bed. I have a long day of... knitting and lounging about tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

SO lets see.
My brothers and dad returned from my grandmothers house and brought me the yarn she had purchased me ages ago. So that was exciting. I'll have to figure out what to do with it.
The baby blanket despite its crooked edges is finished. I am happy with it.
The biker sweater has been peiced together and I plan to have that sewn up in no time. I still have some edging and a sleeve to knit up but those are quick and easy so it should be done really soon.
Still working on the mermaid concept for the VA beach snb.Yup so I'm going to jet off to go finish all that stuff so I can start the erin sweater.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Plans for the day include
* working
* checking out ribbon for the edgeing of the baby blanket (that is all done except of that)
* finishing the second sleevie to the biker jacket
* sewing the biker jacket together.
* cleaning my room
* starting erin
* drawing mermaids

Yup that about covers it all.
Till laters. Keep up the Knit.

Friday, November 26, 2004

old things return to the fore front

So things that are happening
I work tomorrow. Always a good thing. I need to rememeber to pick up the gift for the christmas party on the 9th. I hope we get pay checks this week so I can purchase peter a ticket to the pixie's concert.

Greg and I worked out a deal he's going to build me a spot for me to have my images hosted for $10 a month. So thats cool.

I rediscovered a goth band I was in love with for years and years. Diary of dreams. Sigh I love his voice its like silk and their stuff always makes me want to dance and be pretty. So woot woot for refinding them.

Knitting is going good. I still need to go buy the ribbon for the baby blanket and crochet that on and get the zipper and large snaps for the biker jacket... I have yet to finish the sleevies but I have like three rows left on one and then its a day of knitting for the other sleevie so never fear.
I need to get the camera back from my dad to show you guys what it looks like.
After I finish it then its on to the erin sweater. I'm excited.

My friend JT is moving to South africa to live with his Grandmother who is getting lonely in her old age. So that made me sad He leaves the 31st of December I am planiing to go up to the airport and see him off. I'm going to make him a beer coozie to go and a little starter knit kit for his plane flight since its 14 hours long. I hope to get to him soon enought ot get him started before he gets on the plane and what not but we'll see. he's generally a quick learner.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Yay! it( the blog) is a little better. we'll see what we can come up with by the end of the week eh?

Knitting news
I get to knit while my brother has his meeting and then i have to clean clean clean before i can do anything else. I need to stop in at micheals tonight to look at ribbons. I want to find a ribon to crochet around the edge of the baby blanket that I should have finished ages ago to give it a more finished edge. Its looking really good though. Once I do that I'm gonna wash it and give it to the baby it was made for. I hope that he baby likes it.
I really wanna get this sweater done too. then i can start Erin. Which should knit up faster than I can say k2tog.
In case you couldn't tell the site is currently UNDER CONSTRCUTION
Thats why it looks so funky. As I am not the wizarding computer genius I wish I could be I hope you will all put up with the.. kookie-ness and what not. I hope to have it all cleared up by the end of the week.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

misfits, black sheep and speeding

If you click on the misfits image it will take you to a pdf of the pattern I created for a knit misfits skull. I really have to thank Amber for lending me her computer skills to get it up as I am not the comp. wiz she is. So Everyone thank Amber for making this possible. I should probubly thank Jen for putting the idea in my head and Debbie Stoller for inspiring a conversation about knitted skulls in the first place. Now that all the thanks are out I hope everyone will enjoy the pattern and post lots of little finished items for me to see it on.

Other knitting news
I finished the right panel of the biker jacket and started the first sleevie. I was worried that I would run out of yarn before I found the fourth skein that I some how misplaced but I think I'm not even going to need it. And if I do it will be very little of it that I'll need just enough to finish finishings.

I was thinking about deleting this blog and making a new one with a better name but the name I wanted isn't really available so I just altered this one so that I'd like it more. I geuss I just feel people aren't catching the Tom Robbins referance... not sure why i expected them to in the first place but thats another story. So I am now just waiting to hear from greg about my image. I want to wait to do the big changes when I get it since it'd be easy enough to do.

uh... ya I think that about covers it all. I decided I am going to wait a bit longer to get the debbie bliss club thing and pay off a speeding ticket I got that my mom paid off. I feel bad that she paid it off for me when I could pay for it so I want to at least pay for 65% of it. So thats first then I'll see about the bliss club next time and the jeans the time after that. yup yup. all extras go to the bank to be saved for the future.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

So i finished the Left panel to the Biker jacket. pretty stoked about that. I have a feeling that I'm going to make silly mistakes on the next panel since i have to switch all the instructions to make the opposite myself. Maybe I'll be smart and right it all out on a peice of paper before I get going that way its there and I won't make the stupid mistakes I'd make when I get tired and am reading the left panels thing. Ya thats what I'll do.So thats good.
Amber hasn't called and I don't think she is going to and I can't find her number so I am just going to not worry about it. I'll figure out another way to post the misfits pattern and I'll figure out the blog stuff laters. Yup well I think thats it for now. I'm going to go get something to eat. I'm starving.

Friday, November 19, 2004

the haps

Mud Flap Girl update
So I was looking at the pattern for the mud flap girl given in the Stitch and bitch Nation book. Jenna Adorno tried to fit all the detail of the mud flap girl into a 26st by 26st pattern. this would work if it were like... tiny since the pattern would create enough of the general image to make your eye say oh mudflap girl. So I am thinking that I am going to have to rewrite the whole tank pattern with a smaller yarn weight so I can get the stitch space to make the lady look like herself. That I am afraid will take a little longer tomorrow to do. So I will get that going. I am still going to post the pattern for the mud flap girl but it won't be able to work with that tank pattern just yet. I do have an idea inspired by SugarCUBED finished projects that will allow you to put it on that specific pattern but it won't be knit in.Ya just thought I'd warn the masses before i disappoint them by not being able to get the workable pattern out yet.

I feel bad for trying to correct this ladies pattern but it is really important to me to fix if only for the memory of my step-grandmother margie (margret). She supported her children during her first marriage by being a trucker. She put all her kids through college and was really just an Outstanding sweet hearted woman and if there is any reason for this pattern to work its for hard working trucker woman like her.

Bliss Biker Jacket
Its going good. I finished the back and started the front left panel. I'm about 20% done with that and should have it finished by this evening if I am diligent. We'll see though. I am really enjoying it though. Jill from my knitting group didn't seem to like Bliss patterns saying they were over complicated but I haven't had any problems. Lets hope I didn't just jinx myself. hehe.
Well I'm off to watch gangster movies, knit, and work on the mudflap girl.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

finished back, the bliss club, and hot pants

I finished the back of the Debbie Bliss Biker Jacket and started the right front panel. I am super stoked about this whole thing. I am praying i have enough yarn. I think I do but .... some times it just dies. I only used one skein for the whole back and had a bit left over. I started the second skein and its going fine. I think if I can pull out the two front panels on this skein then I should be fine since all that would be left is the sleevies and the border edges.
Oh Debbie Bliss has club now. Its 50 dollars to join up. Nice_Knits told me about it and has talked me into joining. I have to wait til my next pay check of course but I think that will be ok. I had wanted to get the jeans I've been eyeing for a year on the sailor Jerry site. But I can wait a bit longer on those. Probubly best in the long run since I think I want to purchase them from the store up in Philly to make sure they'll fit since they are $160 and the extra smalls on the site say that their a size 3/4. I wear a size 0/1 generally so... ya. Making sure they'll fit would be a wise matter.

new quiz

You are Shetland Wool.
You are Shetland Wool.
You are a traditional sort who can sometimes be a
little on the harsh side. Though you look
delicate you are tough as nails and prone to
intricacies. Despite your acerbic ways you are
widely respected and even revered.

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Knit update
I have about two inches left to knit ont he back of the Debbie Bliss Biker Jacket before I do the four rows of decreasing and the final row to bind off. So I am super stoked about that. I Haven't even finished my first skein of yarn yet either which makes me very happy because I belive I will have enough of it to finish the whole Jacket. Which is good since... I have no idea where I'd find this yarn agian. Its really random.

I am planning to get two inertsia patterns up for the live journal Punk_knitters community on saturday so I will post those here as well. They will be the corrected Misfits pattern and a better mud-flap girl patttern to make up for the sorry on in the stitch and Bitch Nation book. I have a deep lover for trucker culture and that pattern just killed me because its such a great idea that went so bad.

Other than that I wanted to continue on the idea that khrystn started. Basically its a list of little projects and ideas you can use left over yarn for. I've added to it and you all are welcome to add away as well. Any questions, suggestions or what not is always welcome. enjoy.

Here's the list:

- hats (with cables, with ribbing, with beads, with a brim, felted...)
- cell phone / PDA / game boy holders
- the fuzzy dice
- headband / ear warmers
- windy city scarf
- mittens / gloves (with or without fingers)
- guitar strap
- slippers
- cat toys
- finger puppets
- water bottle tote
- flip flops
- dish clothes
- socks
- purse
- nose warmer
- doggy sweater
- leg warmers
- Elvis wigs
- easter eggs/christmas ornaments/light fixtures
- hackie sacks
- one row sweaters
- wrist warmers/arm warmers
- egg warmers
- willy warmer
- coaster
- can cozies
- tea cozies
- bookmark
- skinny scarves
- bottle cozies
- felted soap bars
- knit sponge or soap covers for an exfoliating experiance
_seat belt covers

Blog update
I have added a bunch of new links so you might check those out. Some of them are really really awesome. I have to admit when I'm not knitting all I do is look around for stuff on knitting. Its pretty bad. Anyways so thats new and working.
My friend Amber has been so kind as to be my director in the ways of changing things around the way I want them. I will be doing all of that as soon as my other friend Greg gets my picture up that I wanted to use for the background. He offered to host it for me till I decide on who I want to settle down and start paying for image hosting space. If anyone has any suggestions for that by the way let me know.
So I think that about covers it for now.

rememeber to look later

Sweet Gum Fiber Farm
I just found this while looking for something else and haven't gotten a chance to really check it out so ... ya. But i wanted to later..
Also I plan to post in a bit ... so look forward to that. this is just a remind me til later post.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So I've decided to retire the Dna scarf to a shelf for a while before I decide to kill it. It'll just be a UFO for a month or two till we can both calm down and come to terms with one another.
I started a debbie Bliss pattern with the red yarn that Jill, Amber and Jen donated to my small stash. The gauge knit up perfectly to the gauge it asked for so I am super stoked and it looks like the debbie bliss tweed too so even cooler. I'm making the Biker Jacket. I started it monday and already have half of the back done. so thats cool cool.
I bought the Rowan ribbon twist yarn I had to have and also the Ribbon twist pattern book. I'm going to make the Erin sweater. I can't find a link to it but its lovely its mostly seed(moss) stitch. It should knit up really fast so I'll post it when i get that going.
My digital camera is out of the country right now with my dad in Iraq so I won't be able to post any pics for a bit. But soon soon.
i think that about covers it all. I got new replacement needles for my brothers gloves so I'll do those this week as well since they knit up really fast. i hope I can get this sweater done quickly its really easy and I am totally enjoying it. I am really just so glad I am not working on the dna.
oh reviews for the new Stitch and Bitch nation. I really liked the patterns (with the exception fo the mud flap girl which looked like a beaten seal or dying mermaid rather than the mud flap chickla) I felt that the pictures had to much emphasis on the models not the knits and that the pattern sections were over cluttered witht the helpful hint boxes. the front section which had wonderful infromation is a blown off because it is just straight reading reading reading and people soon loose their attention span to it. I felt that the book is good but that it had the ability to be so much greater if it had been delayed for another couple months to fiddle around with the layouts and get more knit oreinted photos. Oh also I wish all the snb pages were together not sparadically placed between the patterns as well. That was annoying. I still own and love the book but feel it was released a bit to quicklyt and unrefined. Its definatly not the must must have the first book was.
ok well I am done now. i need to go jet off to get ready for work and finish the sweater back.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Random kn*t about the sh*t ...

So I am totally in like a tizzy because I didn't realize that book stitch and Bitch Nation is already out and I am like dying to get my hands on it. so Tomorrow I am going to have to run like a mad woman to go and get it before all those other knitters get them all.
In other areas of media entertainment I checked out that Gangster Kniters music video. hehe Its funny but I still prefer Micheal Gondry's sterograim video. I was suprised to see I hadn't posted about that before now. Anywhoodle.
Tomorrow besides knitting at the doctors office and going to work I'm going to be going to Maber's house to exchange knitting advice for computer advice so I can spiff this little blog up into something totally awesome... Not sure what yet but we shall see. So look forward to that and its crazyness.
Ya. so umm... that about covers it... must get stich and bitch nation. I am so in love with a bunch of the patterns in it. The joey ramones and henry rollins dolls didn't live up to my expectations but so many other things in the book are so awesome that I don't mind. Namely the moster slippers and the little devil pants and the... well you get the idea.
the rhinestone and stud setter $3 Posted by Hello
So thanks to a post from a very friendly person I have now gotten the side bar back to where it is supose to be. I am sad to lose the picture of the pink aluminum knitting needles since... well I love pink aluminum knitting needles but some times things are the way they are.
I am Nervous about meeting Nate and Erin today but... well I am sure it'll go well. I wonder where my mother is since she is coming with me to meet them. I am doing the last bits of the baby blanket and its killing me. I swear I must be really really really inot making simple things difficult for no reason since I seem to do it very often.
you know what is weird... Last knit I was putting somethings aways as a minor attempt at cleaning my room I put up two boxes in my closet and my cassette tape holder and picked up two blankets off the floor and threw them on my bed and low and behold my room looks like 50% better. I was amazed. those blankets were covering alot of floors space apparently. Hmm...
I am gonna post my major finds from my trip to Richmond last weekend. their the pictures that you see... the rhinestone and stud setter and the care bears sheets.
I went to micheals to compare rhinestone/studder prices . I got mine with all the peices still intact and instractions for $3 and at micheals the same thing minus a box to keep it in (it came in clam plastic ick) was 15 bucks. So I am happy. the carebears sheets were a $1.50. I love kids sheets. I collect the ones from my youth when i come across them. I have some california raisin sheets I found in chicago that still amuse me. Anywhoodle. Ya so those are the finds I am excited to use the studder I actally needed to get one for a project that I have sketched up but haven't done yet.
care bear sheets for $1.50 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Man this totally sucks I have been trying to figure out for the life of me why my info stuff is halfway down the page.... I think if I could figure that out I'd be at least a little happy with my sad little blog page. I am inlove with so many peoples blogs their so pretty and mine looks like poop. It makes me want to go pout. anywhoodle. I am going to remain calm and in a determinedly good mood and figure out how to do all the html stuff I have to figure out to make this whole thing fabulous. Just simply fabulous.
In other news... the dna scarf hasn't killed me though I am on the verge of killing it... i don't understand out dislike for each other why such difficulties? I just don't understand. Its almost to the middle part which means I'm half wayt o the end. i am beginning to see the light fromt he other end i think. I have been working on other things to try and push me through the funk but those aren't moving very quickly due to my stubborn determination to attempt to finish the dna scarf. its like a square dance. I take two steps forward and five steps back and eventually I know I'll get to the end of the song but not with out some fat guy stepping on my toes first. hehe...
well off to try try agian.. I should take some pictures of it to show it as it is so far. blah awful.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

So I have been busy I geuss doing the usual run around. I haven't gotten to much finished really with knitting which frustrates me alot since I am around knitting all the time. I bought the new k.1 magazine. I think its very informative and enjoies a good many of their articles though I didn't care for their layout overly much a bit to cluttered it did have some cute patterns (along with a few awful ones) but over all I enjoied it. I bought a Rowan pattern mag too. I have seven skeins of the rowan ribbon twist yarn on hld for me til pay day with the ribbon twist rowan book. I want to make a sweater thats in there because I am in love with the yarn. I think the largest reason I'm not getting as much knitting done is because my hands are more swollen than usual so its alot slower going than I normally am. Plus I keep having to frog sections because of small mistakes not caught early enough or personal preferance. I know I'll get all the projects done though I am to stubborn not too. Stich N Bitch group had a fondu movie night at jill's yeaterday that was fun I really enjoied it even if I was late. Jill is so sweet she really goes out of her way to make people comfortable and at ease which is an admirable trait I think. anywhoodle. She some how ended up with a stash of yarn she didn't want or something I don't know the full details so i got some of that. I hope no one else wanted any of it since I would feel bad taking anything anyone else had wanted. I hope to figure out what to make with it all soon. Well... i think that about covers it.