Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sites to see, books to read

So I have discovered some great new sites.

inspireco which is to charming for words. I am just over joyed at a site that makes me feel so girlie and cute just reading it. Great ideas beautiful work. Ya she's a fun one.

I also found out about this clothing company, Knuckleheads Clothing which has the most adorably retro clothes for little boys. I can't wait to get together some extra cash and get some for my god son. So so so cute.

This is a stationary site. While the work is fairly plain it is still rather fetching in its simplisity. Pink loves Brown

In other news. I have attempted to once agian try my hand at knitting a bikini. I don't know why I have such rotten luck with getting a pattern that I like to work out to a point where I feel comfortable giving it away to my Aunt (who I really want to make one for). So my latest attempt was for the Ashley Paige Blue Suede Bikini. It knit up quickly except for one thing. The chart messed up. I am trying to figure out if I went wrong or the pattern did. More on that as I find time to work on it. School has been so terribly busy I hadly have time to knit but I am going to start forcing it into my scheduel. I love it to much and it relaxes me so well to just let it sit in baskets waiting for me.

My boyfriend even told me he misses me knitting. I geuss he misses it so much he thought I needed inspiration so he bought me (with out even knowing how long I have been waiting for this book to come out I might add) Dominknitrix book. I am so excited to get it and start knitting.

I just discovered some other books that I am super excited about as well. Namely Naughty Knits and Knitting lingerie Style. I can't wait to go get those. I think I am going to go look for them tomorrow. I new project would lift my spirits plus there is bound to be a bikini in one if not both of them. Ah knitting how I love you.

Oh ya the craft center is supose to be starting a stitch n bitch. Not sure when. Super excited though.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back at large

Been on the down low. We'll see what happens this year.