Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Button contest

Things have been going crazy the past few days. I started school up today so I am sure that I will be wondering around for the next week trying to get adjusted to the new scheduel. I should actually be sleeping since I have Math tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Math is the bane of my existance. I am terrible at it. I am planning to go to class then go straight to a tutor and do my homework then prey that I pass what ever tests might be thrown at me. ICk to math. Sorry to all you all who like it.

So yup. I had Digital Photography and Glassblowing today. I am very excited about glassblowing this semester. I still have to post pictures of my glass from last semester. I'll have to do that.

Well I really need to get to bed but I wanted to direct all of ya'lls attention over to the side bar to see my new button. If anyone can geuss where the black sheep on the button is I will send them a prize. So leave me a comment with an email and where the sheep is from origionally.


tendril said...

I don't know where the sheep is from but David, my husband is the only reason I got through any maths when I was in college. He explains things a lot simpler than boos and teachers tend to so if you ever need any help he's great.

tendril said...

I meant books, with a K because, duh, everyone knows boos can't ever explain things clearly.

Heidi said...

thanks. I may just take you up on that. For now I am going to go straight from math to a tutor. But I'll let you know and I am flattered by the offer.