Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the first rule of Knit Club

I ran into this in one of the communities I read. Its pretty cute. I have a few complaints about it but they are minor and its still a fun mini-flick. So check it out
Knit Club

Let me know what you think about it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

excuses excuses

Injuries are the best excuses for knitting. I spained my back cleaning my room, I always knew cleaning was dangerous. Anyways. I have finally gotten into the Tamale shirt and am enjoying playing around on the Punkrockdomestics forum. I am so in love with that site I can't even begin to tell you.

Nathan, my other, had found one of the knitted images from this site and I have to say that they are amusing. Check them out. I'll warn you they are a bit morbid so if you aren't into the macabe I don't know if you'd like it. yumlum knitwear

other items of interest. Nothing much really. School is school is school. Nathan and I are great, I am a bit peeved about the delay in getting anything done and missing a few days of school due to my back injury but other than that I am feeling really really great!

Welp I am off to keep knitting.

Friday, January 20, 2006

almost there

So I bought new addi turbos since I can't take how slow knitting on denises are anymore. I will be using htem to finally start this pattern. Which I am very impressed to say only cost me a measley $15 to purchase all the yarn for. YAY!

I will be starting it as soon as I finish Nathan's scarf which is very close. YAY! Can anyone please explain to me why scarves can be so painful to knit? I can get through about half fine and then it becomes such a chore. I can fully knit and finish a sweater in a quarter the time it takes me to finish a scarf. Shameful? probubly but still true.

The super bowl sale is going to be happening soon at work. I am very very excited. If you live in the Va Beach area at all you should come out. Bobbie puts awesome stuff at the lowest prices ever for a day so she can get ready for her new inventory and that day is always Super Bowl Sunday. Amusing yes.

Thats that. I started to knit the Jaywalker socks from Mag knits. I really really wanna be in the knit along. I want to know why I never hear about the knitalongs I would like to do until they are already closed. Sigh. Depressing I'll still knit it all anyways and lurk the knitalong but its not the same.

So wha else. .... nothing much. I watched sci-fi fridays with my family as usual and I am still loving Battlestar Galactica. They put out a new show though that looks really good called John Doe. I watched the first episode today interested to see where it goes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

organizing crisis

So I got an email back from the lego knitting machine creator. He was very nice and it read
"Hi Heidi,

Thank you for your nice note. As of now, I do not intend to put
together plans for the knitting machine. In the near future (once my
bandwidth crisis dies down), I will be posting some more pictures.
Perhaps these pictures will help others who are trying to build
something similar.

Again, Thanks for the note,


So thats that. Still I am totally impressed that there is a lego knitting machine.

I have been really weird lately in the fact that I have been cleaning my room when I want to procrastinate on something. Now while this might sound like a normal thing this is not a regular occurance for me. I think it has to do with the fact that I hadn't seen my desk top in.... months. And that means I can't sew which I have been wanting to do lately. I have also been wanting to purge lately which is great because I really am a terrible pack rat. (I save wrappers to packaging I like to give you an example of exactly how bad it is). Yesterday was actually sort of embarassing. I saw my friend Joy's room which is really very cool, but back to the point, she has everything extremely organized. Down to little labled boxes and books of like subjects put together and then we came to my room to get something and I have things balanced here that hold up this yada yada yada. I geuss I really don't think about it I just get up and go but still I was kind of jealous of the way everything was so organized. I want to be organized.

So what else. I have been working on Nathan's scarf and it doesn't feel like its getting anywhere. I think thats why I don't like knitting scarves. I get through the first half in like a half a day and the second half takes me a month. Go figure. It think its because on most scarves by that point its just repeative. At least on a sweater you have increasing and decreasing and all sorts of other suprises to get to. On scarves they are just repeative after the first half. I am determined however to finish Nathan and Jesse's scarves so help me Amelia Bedelia. I miss Amelia Bedelia. What mistchif she could get her self into. hehe. In fact here's some fun with Amelia Bedilia.

Monday, January 16, 2006


I finally have a photo of the baby pants for Jill's wee one and the baby blanket for Denise's lil treasure.

I still need to post pics of the One skein wonder and Erin the sweater. but i figure we'll get to that all in good time.

not much going on today.

Friday, January 13, 2006

lego knitting machine

So my friend Atlanta sent me this amazing link of a knitting lego machine. How cool is that? I have to say I think its pretty awesome. So you should all check it out.

Other than that I have been running around like a chicken with out a head trying to get everything settled for school and settle into the new scheduel. I haven't had a chance to pick up my needles all week. I miss them. I have some cool ideas for some things that I hope to do tonight. We'll see. I have to finish my home work first. No ones geussed where the Button's from yet. I am going to give it another week then I'll announce what its from and what the prize would have been.

I signed up for food swap on flickr. Should be fun. Not sure what I should send just yet. I am thinking Route 11 chips since its an American Chip company and they make some really great flavors. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Button contest

Things have been going crazy the past few days. I started school up today so I am sure that I will be wondering around for the next week trying to get adjusted to the new scheduel. I should actually be sleeping since I have Math tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Math is the bane of my existance. I am terrible at it. I am planning to go to class then go straight to a tutor and do my homework then prey that I pass what ever tests might be thrown at me. ICk to math. Sorry to all you all who like it.

So yup. I had Digital Photography and Glassblowing today. I am very excited about glassblowing this semester. I still have to post pictures of my glass from last semester. I'll have to do that.

Well I really need to get to bed but I wanted to direct all of ya'lls attention over to the side bar to see my new button. If anyone can geuss where the black sheep on the button is I will send them a prize. So leave me a comment with an email and where the sheep is from origionally.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Things have been kind of busy lately. Today I'm going to the Jivin and Drivin radio show and later the Bloodshot Bill's show. I am really excited about both. I have to go pick up Nathan's dad from the airport inbetween the two since Nathan is at work and Evan is at a Funeral. So thats the day ahead.

Crafty things I finished are:

the Erin sweater
Denises's baby blanket
The One Skein Wonder (which did only take one skein)

I am working on: (how much is completed)

Nathan's double knit scarf (1/2)
Jesse's cabled scarf (3/4)
Angelina Jacket (I misplaced the pattern so its on hold) (1/2)
a Rowan sweater the name of which aludes me right now (1/2)

I made cupcakes yesterday they were a big hit even though they didn't turn out the way I wanted. I was trying to make them the blog cupcakes. I'll load pictures later.
I think they are possible I just need to work on them. We'll see I'll make them again some time soon.

Well I best get ready for all the running around I'm going to be doing.

Monday, January 02, 2006

jelly kitten heels

jelly kitten heels
Originally uploaded by dielaydbugdie.
Hey everyone. I am putting these up on Ebay. I'll post a link tomorrow when I do. Their a size 7. Very comfy. My feet were just to small. What can I say I missed out on having the chace to relieve my 8 year old dreams of wearing jellies my whole life. Oh well I hope some one else will love them.