Wednesday, August 23, 2006

to gnome me is to love me

While visiting my friends blogs I ran into the cutest of cute patterns that a friend of mine is doing and had to find it so I can do it myself. The pattern is a crochet gnome! I love gnomes. They have a spot in my heart not only because they are freakin' adorable but because my grandparents, parents and brothers all love gnomes. We have them in the garden, we have them in the house, when we were little we'd watch "David the Gnome" and my father would make up stories when we'd go hiking about all the things gnomes, elves and dawrfs would do. I love gnomes and now I can make cute little gnomes too. The pattern is from Let's go Ice Skating whose blog is really very fun. I am defiantly going to have to keep reading her blog. The link above will lead you straight to the gnome pattern on her blog for all interested parties. I am going to go look for my hooks and some yarn tonight and get started on some gnomes to send to friends and family. So so cute.

SnB and Felted Rose Bag part II
Last night I went to the Tullahoma Stitch and Bitch for the second time. I love the yarn store where its held and the women are very nice though most of them were there for a dying class rather than the SnB. But it was still nice to meet people and see some of the ladies from last week. I worked on the Felted Rose bag by Nicky Epstien. I finished the Handles. I miss placed three skeins of the yarn I bought for it and so I have been working on whatever I can untill I find it. Which should be soon. I know its around here somewhere since I had it not two weeks ago. I have a terrible habit of putting things places so they will be safe and then forgetting where it was that I put it. Really rather annoying. So the front pannel and the handles are finished. YAY.

No news on the Lil' Mermaid Top Corrections
So I am just going to fudge it. I am rather sad about not being able to get the corrections for any of the patterns. I had wanted to do some of the other patterns in the book. I'll keep looking though and see what happens. I'll also keep you all in the loop as to what happens with the top. I really want to wear it this summer.


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