Sunday, February 27, 2005

To go where no knitter has gone before

star trek patterns

Holy crap this is so cool! I <3 being a nerd!!! I have to make this into a ton of back packs or something.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cause knitting is so tough!

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I love this picture. One of the ladies in my knitting group emailed it to me and told me she better not see me sporting it. Altough its tempting very tempting indeed i am afraid I'm a little to vain to get it done. Still love that its out there though. Maybe when I'm like 70. hehe.
Ok so on to the knitting news.
I have been super busy with school and work but when I can get a few moments to myself I work on the angelina jacket. I realized the other day that I had over knit a section by three inches and had to rip it out. It was rather painful to rip those three inches out because it took so long to knit them since I have such limited time to knit but its lookign good and I have been knitting at light speed to metal and other catchy beated music to make up for the lost time. Speaking of metal I knit at the Honky Tonk-a-thon last weekend. I knit during the Swords set they are way way good. I really liked their sound I also knit in between everyone elses sets and in the Honky Tonk Tattoo parlor. so that is two new places to add to where I have knit that is interesting.
I finished one of pauls gloves. Need to make the other one. I'm half way finished with Jesse's scarf but I haven't picked it up in ages. Feeling a bit bad about that. I bought a new sock book because my secret pal has totally gotten me on a kick to want to knit some socks. ( note for pal I found a site that gives you instructions for knitting two socks at once if this interests you email me and I will send you the link... I am probubly going to put it in the links section on the blog too)
I bought so dale yarn to make a sweater I am dubbing the monster party sweater because I am planning to make a mock of the highlighter striped sweater that the girlfriend of the home alone kid in the movie Monster party. its really cute and dale put out some highlighter colors that are reactive under uv light... well all hightlighter colors and white are reactive under that light but its still gonna be jammin. I still am on a quest to purchase glow in the dark yarn though also. I got the Rowan book Denim people. which has some cute patterns. I need to get some dark green berrocco suede yarn to make my aunt a bikini. I think that color will do famously with her skin and hair colors. What else... I found a sorce for the mohair I need to make my cruella devil jacket and bag. Its 500 yards a skein for 35 dollars. thats really good so I need to get that some time soon too so I can get that going so I can be cruella for Halloween this year. Yup thats my knitting news for now. I need to finish what I am doing now though so I am going to run off to go knit before work. Happy knitting to ya'll.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I am thinking about getting all the yarn that my secret pal would need for her sweater that she wants to make. Maybe I won't since thats really expensive and I'm not sure the color she'd want.
I have been so busy with school I can't even begin. Its not like there is alot really happening it just all requires alot of leg work. The speech class is almost over thank goodness. On top of everything I have ben trying really hard to see friends I haven't seen in like two years and get everything in order to move to Richmond in the fall.
My friend greg got engaged, Brittany is married and pregnant, and I have not time to knit the four blankets I need to get going on if all those babies wanna get their balnkets. Sigh I still need to get all the geshia for them. I think I am just going to make them all white and then purchase satin ribbons to weave through for the trim.
Well lots of hugs to everyone. the valentines are still going out even though I know they are late just like I am for my art history class.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not alot happening around here.
I almost killed a mail box the other day when i wasn't paying attention to the road.
I finished all my tests and my speech for this week. I am not to happy with how I did on the tests but I'll be sure to do better next time.

been working on my Angelina jacket from white lie designs. Its going faster than I expected. its done on size 6 needles with 50 g yarn. I have about 4 inches done and I started during the super bowl so I figure thats going fairly well. I have to get up to 111/2 inches before I can do the next part so I still have a long ways to go. Its an easy pattern so far. I hope it turns out as awesome as I am thinking it will. I am using estivo instead of Halo. I figure it should be fine since it is the same specifications. I will admit I was shamefully bad and didn't do a gauge. It doesn't look like a problem though. In fact i think it might end up a little larg even though I sized the pattern down because they didn't have my size. Anyways. estivo is really nice to work with its like knitting a cloud. Well I'll post pics in a bit.

I have been finding alot of billy and lounge bands that I am in love with lately.
Ya its all fun. I need to get a hair cut. And that covers it I think. i have to go to the dentist today. Got a post card from my secret pal. Its from Bath the card and sent from washington (state). Yup very cool. I sent my secret pal her package. need to get working on the next one.

movie nite

movie nite
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A knitting party worth talking about. Hot hot hot stuff.


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this is the beginning of the angelina jacket I was just talking about. you know you love it... well if you don't I most certainly do!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So I finished my speech. I give it today I am assuming. i have an art history test in... two hours. and uh... i need to look up where mollie's yoga class is at so i can do some yoga tonight.
I rented iron jawwed angels so I can watch it. So thats cool. i should go do that and get some food and keep knitting. Speaking of knitting... I am now like two and half inches into my jacket. Hot. Well I'll show that off later. Its the Angelina Jacket from White Lie designs by the way. Hot!

Sunday, February 06, 2005


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Flaps up. hehe. that sounds so humorous at the moment.


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The SnB newsboy now has ear flaps and has been re-titled the amber's boyfriend Jimmy's hat. We call it Jimmy's hat for short.


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This is the most awesome package ever! i love the little hidden notes everywhere and all the fun stuff. I am totally looking forward to doing socks. The necklace she made is so amazing i love it. the bag is just a hoot and a holler. Very cool. the yoga mag was definatly up my alley. Thank you secret pal thank you. I wish i could send you a thank you card. hmmm...


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YARN! sale yarn. I love yarn. I don't have apattern thats inspired me to use it yet though.


This is the skirt I got at the castle salvation army last week. Cute huh?


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here is my banshee collar mock. I love it and it keeps my neck warm even though my mom said she thinks its not "her thing".

Thursday, February 03, 2005

It had me at Hello

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a calander submission to a sheep calandar. I am going to have to look for this sucker.
White Lies recently put out some new patterns. I am in love with a bunch of them but I think this one takes the cake for the new patterns. I really enjoy her patterns.

Other Knitting news
I almost finished one glove for my brother. I knit it with a smaller weight than I was supose to so the stitches were a bit more open then i liked so i weed together a set of gloves real qick out of some wine red colored fleece I had. So the gloves are lined with the fleece. So I need to make one more glove and the little cappers for them (their the hobo style gloves).

Jen supplied me with a pattern for my eros that I like. Its a tank top and it only takes two balls of eros. So that is going to get made at some point. So thank you Jen.

Joann got the Stitch and Bitch girl I drew as our little mascot up so I could share it and we all could wear it. Here she is in all her glory. Please ask me if you are going to take her.

yup thats about all I have to say for right now.
I have been having a blast getting to know my secret pals. And I need to get my pals package out in the mail.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Howdy and hello

I just got back from SnB. It was gravey. Joanne got my logo onto the computer and printed it out on printer adhesive sheets for eveyone to get a little guy to put on a shir or something. Very cool. She didn't return my drawing to me though so I will need to give her a hollah on that and ask for it to be returned... Since I want it back. I also want her to email me a copy of the comp. image so i can post it and use it to make shirts, bags and what not. So thats always cool. In case i never mentioned it. I designed a logo for our stitch and bitch group. Lots of fun. I'll post a picture one of these days.

I worked on pauls gloves. Can't figure out what happend though for some dd reason the pattern is not working out the way its supose to. not sure why. Hate when that happens. So I'm still working on it. Not sure if its me or the pattern either.
I am so excited to get them done. My goal is to get them done by next monday.

so I was late to work this morning which made me feel like a cad because I was late and also because it was just Bobbie since Sherry had a doc appointment in the AM. So i felt double bad. Especially since it was busy in the AM. Sigh. and then after I was late I was asking stupid questions or doing little things that were stupid (i'd like to blame this on a lack of sleep but i am not sure that was the cause). so ya.
We are completely rearranging the store. I move the lorna's lace sock yarn to the other side of the store, moved alot of the trendsetters yarn over to the wall where the lorna's sock weight use to be, moved the mohair over to by the alpaca and so on and so forth. We still have a lot to do. but its fun. though I want to go rearrange the book wall because it is hainous at the moment. I wish people would learn the concept of putting books back where they found them. sigh oh well.
I gave sherry the breast cancer braclet (think armstrong braclet but pink) that I got her. I was happy to find out she didn't have one yet since I wasn't sure. Yup that about covers it. I need to remember to try to bring some printer paper since I keep printing off these patterns from the internt at work since mine (printers) aren't working. found the funniest comic in Pintuck livejournal. hehe here it is for ya'll to enjoy as well. It reminds me of Sherry. So for Sherry.

other craft-tack-u-lar news
I found ready made the magazine at Borders. LOVE LOVE LOVE that magazine. Its so handy it make life dandy. For example this issue tell you how to sound proof walls and make them look cute for less than $200. it also tells you all sorts of other crafty ideas. sigh. where was this magazine all my life... i know waiting for me to find it. dun dun dun. Another magazine I love is City magazine. that one is cool too but not for the same reason. anywhoodle. So... after this pay check which is sadly going to be mostly paying bills I will hopefully have enough left over to get said Ready Made magazine.

I know I missed the softie dead line but I'm going to finish my little guy. He's to niffty not to and I am rather proud of him so far. I'll try to do softie agian next month.... well technically this month.

I have thought of some new embrodary stuff to do. My friends band is going to have a cd show soon and it'd be cool to sport something for them so I am going get that going under way. the show isn't till march but still I have to make it and everything so that gives me plenty of time.

I also have come up with a cute underwear set... think days of the week panties like when you were six with a twist. I am very excited to make those too one of these days.

Still need to get the Valentines printed I went in on Sundae to get them printed and the girl working couldn't get the picture off my usb disc thingie (I don't know what their called just that I love them). so i have to go back. Blah. I'm thinking about hand making them even though that will take up time i don't really have. Reminder to me... by the way... take art charts to comp lab tomorrow morning and print them off so you can study for the art history test!!! back to the valentines. they are so cute. Sigh I geuss this one could be the email one and the home made ones are the send offs. Sigh we'll see what happens. I just know Ihave to get them in the mail this week.

hmmm... what else what else.

ya I think thats it. Well I'm gonna go hit the hay or clean my room or something. Lots of hugs to everyone.