Thursday, May 18, 2006

ok so here I am at work and it just started pouring down rain so I thought its time to update my blog.

The skirt is coming along great I am almost through the flames which means that I'd move right into the fast stuff YES!

I was thinking about it and you know its seems really silly that I am willing to drop over a hundred dollars on rowan yarn that I can't even wash in the washer but I am not willing to get the sari silk or the lorna's laces that I love. I just don't get it. I think its because I have a plan already when I buy the rowan and I don't for the other yarns even though they'd be amazing for all sorts of millions of things. Sigh. I am going to have to give in an get them soon.

I am also giving into the fact that I can not find the Angelina Jacket pattern anywhere and I need to buy a replacement. I want to finish that jacket really badly. Its just sitting there mocking me. So I'll do that this week. I supose that should be my next project to finish.

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