Thursday, February 02, 2006

My goal is to finish Jesse's scarf today it has 3 and a half stripes to go. for goodness sake and has been sitting around in my knitting basket, a constant reminder of my wonderful procrastination skills. I have decided to add a thin red stripe in the center of the last black stripe to spice it up a bit and also to fufill the request for some red. So that should be good give it a bit of an edge. Then I can pack it up and mail it out. YES!

on another not I have been thinking about the double helix scarf that is sitting in the bottom of a knitting bin a quarter done or so and really contemplating pulling it out and finishing it. CRAZY yes probubly that scarf caused me enough greif to throw it into a bin where it has remained since last year but we'll see. I want to finish the skirt first.

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