Tuesday, November 30, 2004

You Got it
So lets see where to begin.
Last night I went to my usual monday night haunt at Border's Va beach Stitch and Bitch. We all think turning my pin up girl on yarn into a pin up mermaid on yarn will be the best image to use for the Va beach mascot. So I'll get right to making the final image for next week so Joanne can use her super compuer skills and equipment to get it all savvied up. I'm seeing business cards and t-shirts and fliers in the near future.
I bought the new bust magazine.. I am totally jammin on it. The reason **I am about to go on a slight rammble** well I was jet around in interspace and was checkin on Not Martha's creative girl wonder blog where she has made those super cute little magnifying marble magnets and posts instructions on how to do them. So I got all in the super craft mode. Like hmmm. I need a craft time this week. Knitting doesn't count I totally need to sit down and make pretty little things like magnifying magnets. So that was the plan then I'm at the SnB and I'm checkin out the new Bust(because who doesn't love that magazine?) and it has this whole section of super cute super crafty little how to makes... My inner craft hut camp nerd broke out for sure. I am seriously like why did I never think or do half of this stuff before and the other part is like wow I haven't done that in a while it was fun. So I'm like doodley doodley do time to have a craft time. Amber said she'd join me but if no one ends up joining me I think I'll be really happy to do it all by myself. Just me and a pile of glue sissors and cut up peices of everything you can think of. Creative chaos is so much fun.
So... On ward and upward. I want this really really bad. I think I'm going to buy it for myself. I have been wanting to learn embroidery lately (I am going to be one super prepared grandma). So yes I think I will purchase this delightful little set. woot woot. Emboridery here I come.
back to things I have actually acomplished.
I went to the library and payed my $3 fines and checked out and compostion book (a book on compostion not the black and white numbers from the dollar store in case there was any confusion). then peter and i went to Hancock fabrics where I bought a zipper(red very cherry looking), some ribbion(that didn't work out so its now in abox waiting for a project in the future), four button snaps(large) and some spree candies (chewy for extra goodness).
I obviously went by the bank and deposited my last check. oh I gave the 40 bucks to amber to get Peter's pixies ticket. So that was another gibber-jam to cross of the list.
Came home peter and I cleaned the main floor of the house and watched Fight club. I sewed the sweaters siding together and put in the neck snap and pinned in the zipper. That jam is now a vest. To bad I don't wear vests huh so it could be all done. Then at the snb I sewed in half the zipper and went to micheals (its down the block about a half a second) and got the knitting needles (size 15 us) for the erin sweater( how I didn't already have those is beyond me) and some yarn to for my brother to learn to knit on next week when his finger is cerifiably no longer broken. I feel like a mega spender. No more shopping after I get the embrodery kit and the book for mom for x-mas. thats. 60 bucks or there abouts more $$$ I'd be spending but it must be done.
Sigh I just ordered the embrodiry kit. goodie goodie gum drops. no more money spent is more money saved. So no more. Hiding my card till my next pay check.
anyways... So I have the last sleeve to knit I started it and the bottom finishing (which should be done and sewn on by the end of the day with its handy little snap included)then all thats left is to sew together the sleeves and put them on and knit up the arm finishings sew them on and put their little snaps in and that jam is done.
Well I'm running off to get started on my new day.
journal edit
I totally forgot about this! Mollie brought me back harbio gummie bears from Germany!!! YUM! I'll have to get her some kinder bueno to thank her.

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