Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So I've decided to retire the Dna scarf to a shelf for a while before I decide to kill it. It'll just be a UFO for a month or two till we can both calm down and come to terms with one another.
I started a debbie Bliss pattern with the red yarn that Jill, Amber and Jen donated to my small stash. The gauge knit up perfectly to the gauge it asked for so I am super stoked and it looks like the debbie bliss tweed too so even cooler. I'm making the Biker Jacket. I started it monday and already have half of the back done. so thats cool cool.
I bought the Rowan ribbon twist yarn I had to have and also the Ribbon twist pattern book. I'm going to make the Erin sweater. I can't find a link to it but its lovely its mostly seed(moss) stitch. It should knit up really fast so I'll post it when i get that going.
My digital camera is out of the country right now with my dad in Iraq so I won't be able to post any pics for a bit. But soon soon.
i think that about covers it all. I got new replacement needles for my brothers gloves so I'll do those this week as well since they knit up really fast. i hope I can get this sweater done quickly its really easy and I am totally enjoying it. I am really just so glad I am not working on the dna.
oh reviews for the new Stitch and Bitch nation. I really liked the patterns (with the exception fo the mud flap girl which looked like a beaten seal or dying mermaid rather than the mud flap chickla) I felt that the pictures had to much emphasis on the models not the knits and that the pattern sections were over cluttered witht the helpful hint boxes. the front section which had wonderful infromation is a blown off because it is just straight reading reading reading and people soon loose their attention span to it. I felt that the book is good but that it had the ability to be so much greater if it had been delayed for another couple months to fiddle around with the layouts and get more knit oreinted photos. Oh also I wish all the snb pages were together not sparadically placed between the patterns as well. That was annoying. I still own and love the book but feel it was released a bit to quicklyt and unrefined. Its definatly not the must must have the first book was.
ok well I am done now. i need to go jet off to get ready for work and finish the sweater back.

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