Sunday, November 21, 2004

misfits, black sheep and speeding

If you click on the misfits image it will take you to a pdf of the pattern I created for a knit misfits skull. I really have to thank Amber for lending me her computer skills to get it up as I am not the comp. wiz she is. So Everyone thank Amber for making this possible. I should probubly thank Jen for putting the idea in my head and Debbie Stoller for inspiring a conversation about knitted skulls in the first place. Now that all the thanks are out I hope everyone will enjoy the pattern and post lots of little finished items for me to see it on.

Other knitting news
I finished the right panel of the biker jacket and started the first sleevie. I was worried that I would run out of yarn before I found the fourth skein that I some how misplaced but I think I'm not even going to need it. And if I do it will be very little of it that I'll need just enough to finish finishings.

I was thinking about deleting this blog and making a new one with a better name but the name I wanted isn't really available so I just altered this one so that I'd like it more. I geuss I just feel people aren't catching the Tom Robbins referance... not sure why i expected them to in the first place but thats another story. So I am now just waiting to hear from greg about my image. I want to wait to do the big changes when I get it since it'd be easy enough to do.

uh... ya I think that about covers it all. I decided I am going to wait a bit longer to get the debbie bliss club thing and pay off a speeding ticket I got that my mom paid off. I feel bad that she paid it off for me when I could pay for it so I want to at least pay for 65% of it. So thats first then I'll see about the bliss club next time and the jeans the time after that. yup yup. all extras go to the bank to be saved for the future.

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