Friday, November 26, 2004

old things return to the fore front

So things that are happening
I work tomorrow. Always a good thing. I need to rememeber to pick up the gift for the christmas party on the 9th. I hope we get pay checks this week so I can purchase peter a ticket to the pixie's concert.

Greg and I worked out a deal he's going to build me a spot for me to have my images hosted for $10 a month. So thats cool.

I rediscovered a goth band I was in love with for years and years. Diary of dreams. Sigh I love his voice its like silk and their stuff always makes me want to dance and be pretty. So woot woot for refinding them.

Knitting is going good. I still need to go buy the ribbon for the baby blanket and crochet that on and get the zipper and large snaps for the biker jacket... I have yet to finish the sleevies but I have like three rows left on one and then its a day of knitting for the other sleevie so never fear.
I need to get the camera back from my dad to show you guys what it looks like.
After I finish it then its on to the erin sweater. I'm excited.

My friend JT is moving to South africa to live with his Grandmother who is getting lonely in her old age. So that made me sad He leaves the 31st of December I am planiing to go up to the airport and see him off. I'm going to make him a beer coozie to go and a little starter knit kit for his plane flight since its 14 hours long. I hope to get to him soon enought ot get him started before he gets on the plane and what not but we'll see. he's generally a quick learner.

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Gama said...

That's really nice of JT to with his grandmother,
I admire that.