Thursday, November 18, 2004

finished back, the bliss club, and hot pants

I finished the back of the Debbie Bliss Biker Jacket and started the right front panel. I am super stoked about this whole thing. I am praying i have enough yarn. I think I do but .... some times it just dies. I only used one skein for the whole back and had a bit left over. I started the second skein and its going fine. I think if I can pull out the two front panels on this skein then I should be fine since all that would be left is the sleevies and the border edges.
Oh Debbie Bliss has club now. Its 50 dollars to join up. Nice_Knits told me about it and has talked me into joining. I have to wait til my next pay check of course but I think that will be ok. I had wanted to get the jeans I've been eyeing for a year on the sailor Jerry site. But I can wait a bit longer on those. Probubly best in the long run since I think I want to purchase them from the store up in Philly to make sure they'll fit since they are $160 and the extra smalls on the site say that their a size 3/4. I wear a size 0/1 generally so... ya. Making sure they'll fit would be a wise matter.

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