Sunday, November 07, 2004

So I have been busy I geuss doing the usual run around. I haven't gotten to much finished really with knitting which frustrates me alot since I am around knitting all the time. I bought the new k.1 magazine. I think its very informative and enjoies a good many of their articles though I didn't care for their layout overly much a bit to cluttered it did have some cute patterns (along with a few awful ones) but over all I enjoied it. I bought a Rowan pattern mag too. I have seven skeins of the rowan ribbon twist yarn on hld for me til pay day with the ribbon twist rowan book. I want to make a sweater thats in there because I am in love with the yarn. I think the largest reason I'm not getting as much knitting done is because my hands are more swollen than usual so its alot slower going than I normally am. Plus I keep having to frog sections because of small mistakes not caught early enough or personal preferance. I know I'll get all the projects done though I am to stubborn not too. Stich N Bitch group had a fondu movie night at jill's yeaterday that was fun I really enjoied it even if I was late. Jill is so sweet she really goes out of her way to make people comfortable and at ease which is an admirable trait I think. anywhoodle. She some how ended up with a stash of yarn she didn't want or something I don't know the full details so i got some of that. I hope no one else wanted any of it since I would feel bad taking anything anyone else had wanted. I hope to figure out what to make with it all soon. Well... i think that about covers it.

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