Wednesday, November 10, 2004

So thanks to a post from a very friendly person I have now gotten the side bar back to where it is supose to be. I am sad to lose the picture of the pink aluminum knitting needles since... well I love pink aluminum knitting needles but some times things are the way they are.
I am Nervous about meeting Nate and Erin today but... well I am sure it'll go well. I wonder where my mother is since she is coming with me to meet them. I am doing the last bits of the baby blanket and its killing me. I swear I must be really really really inot making simple things difficult for no reason since I seem to do it very often.
you know what is weird... Last knit I was putting somethings aways as a minor attempt at cleaning my room I put up two boxes in my closet and my cassette tape holder and picked up two blankets off the floor and threw them on my bed and low and behold my room looks like 50% better. I was amazed. those blankets were covering alot of floors space apparently. Hmm...
I am gonna post my major finds from my trip to Richmond last weekend. their the pictures that you see... the rhinestone and stud setter and the care bears sheets.
I went to micheals to compare rhinestone/studder prices . I got mine with all the peices still intact and instractions for $3 and at micheals the same thing minus a box to keep it in (it came in clam plastic ick) was 15 bucks. So I am happy. the carebears sheets were a $1.50. I love kids sheets. I collect the ones from my youth when i come across them. I have some california raisin sheets I found in chicago that still amuse me. Anywhoodle. Ya so those are the finds I am excited to use the studder I actally needed to get one for a project that I have sketched up but haven't done yet.

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