Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Man this totally sucks I have been trying to figure out for the life of me why my info stuff is halfway down the page.... I think if I could figure that out I'd be at least a little happy with my sad little blog page. I am inlove with so many peoples blogs their so pretty and mine looks like poop. It makes me want to go pout. anywhoodle. I am going to remain calm and in a determinedly good mood and figure out how to do all the html stuff I have to figure out to make this whole thing fabulous. Just simply fabulous.
In other news... the dna scarf hasn't killed me though I am on the verge of killing it... i don't understand out dislike for each other why such difficulties? I just don't understand. Its almost to the middle part which means I'm half wayt o the end. i am beginning to see the light fromt he other end i think. I have been working on other things to try and push me through the funk but those aren't moving very quickly due to my stubborn determination to attempt to finish the dna scarf. its like a square dance. I take two steps forward and five steps back and eventually I know I'll get to the end of the song but not with out some fat guy stepping on my toes first. hehe...
well off to try try agian.. I should take some pictures of it to show it as it is so far. blah awful.

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Rachael said...

your info stuff is so far down there because of the big knitting needle picture. Happened to me yesterday; I'm still just figuring these things out too. Good luck!