Monday, November 29, 2004

So I started sewing the sweater together. I have the neck finishing sewn on and the shoulders sewn together. The sides are pinned and I am working ont he last sleeve thought I think I'm going to rip it all out since I got lost due to a lack of attention to detail at Ambers and now am worred that I'm going to be making it to short I already know I made the other a little longer than it had originally called for but it was only by a half and inch and I think it'll be fine. Better long than short.
I did some drawings for the SnB logo for the VA beach group. I have two mermaids, yarn ball and needles with halo and angle wings, a beach sitter knitting and a few other ideas that I need tofinish getting on paper. I hope they like one of them.
I really like the beach sitter. hehe its a funny shot. what else what else...
hung out at Ambers and knit with her. She was running into a funky run with her bag but I think she got past it. Its looking really good and she should get it finished super soon.
I think I want to have craft time this week and make some of the magnify magnets. their cute... maybe play around with my chess board idea (or checker board which ever you play).
well I best get to bed. I have a long day of... knitting and lounging about tomorrow.

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