Friday, November 19, 2004

the haps

Mud Flap Girl update
So I was looking at the pattern for the mud flap girl given in the Stitch and bitch Nation book. Jenna Adorno tried to fit all the detail of the mud flap girl into a 26st by 26st pattern. this would work if it were like... tiny since the pattern would create enough of the general image to make your eye say oh mudflap girl. So I am thinking that I am going to have to rewrite the whole tank pattern with a smaller yarn weight so I can get the stitch space to make the lady look like herself. That I am afraid will take a little longer tomorrow to do. So I will get that going. I am still going to post the pattern for the mud flap girl but it won't be able to work with that tank pattern just yet. I do have an idea inspired by SugarCUBED finished projects that will allow you to put it on that specific pattern but it won't be knit in.Ya just thought I'd warn the masses before i disappoint them by not being able to get the workable pattern out yet.

I feel bad for trying to correct this ladies pattern but it is really important to me to fix if only for the memory of my step-grandmother margie (margret). She supported her children during her first marriage by being a trucker. She put all her kids through college and was really just an Outstanding sweet hearted woman and if there is any reason for this pattern to work its for hard working trucker woman like her.

Bliss Biker Jacket
Its going good. I finished the back and started the front left panel. I'm about 20% done with that and should have it finished by this evening if I am diligent. We'll see though. I am really enjoying it though. Jill from my knitting group didn't seem to like Bliss patterns saying they were over complicated but I haven't had any problems. Lets hope I didn't just jinx myself. hehe.
Well I'm off to watch gangster movies, knit, and work on the mudflap girl.

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