Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Random kn*t about the sh*t ...

So I am totally in like a tizzy because I didn't realize that book stitch and Bitch Nation is already out and I am like dying to get my hands on it. so Tomorrow I am going to have to run like a mad woman to go and get it before all those other knitters get them all.
In other areas of media entertainment I checked out that Gangster Kniters music video. hehe Its funny but I still prefer Micheal Gondry's sterograim video. I was suprised to see I hadn't posted about that before now. Anywhoodle.
Tomorrow besides knitting at the doctors office and going to work I'm going to be going to Maber's house to exchange knitting advice for computer advice so I can spiff this little blog up into something totally awesome... Not sure what yet but we shall see. So look forward to that and its crazyness.
Ya. so umm... that about covers it... must get stich and bitch nation. I am so in love with a bunch of the patterns in it. The joey ramones and henry rollins dolls didn't live up to my expectations but so many other things in the book are so awesome that I don't mind. Namely the moster slippers and the little devil pants and the... well you get the idea.

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