Thursday, November 18, 2004

Knit update
I have about two inches left to knit ont he back of the Debbie Bliss Biker Jacket before I do the four rows of decreasing and the final row to bind off. So I am super stoked about that. I Haven't even finished my first skein of yarn yet either which makes me very happy because I belive I will have enough of it to finish the whole Jacket. Which is good since... I have no idea where I'd find this yarn agian. Its really random.

I am planning to get two inertsia patterns up for the live journal Punk_knitters community on saturday so I will post those here as well. They will be the corrected Misfits pattern and a better mud-flap girl patttern to make up for the sorry on in the stitch and Bitch Nation book. I have a deep lover for trucker culture and that pattern just killed me because its such a great idea that went so bad.

Other than that I wanted to continue on the idea that khrystn started. Basically its a list of little projects and ideas you can use left over yarn for. I've added to it and you all are welcome to add away as well. Any questions, suggestions or what not is always welcome. enjoy.

Here's the list:

- hats (with cables, with ribbing, with beads, with a brim, felted...)
- cell phone / PDA / game boy holders
- the fuzzy dice
- headband / ear warmers
- windy city scarf
- mittens / gloves (with or without fingers)
- guitar strap
- slippers
- cat toys
- finger puppets
- water bottle tote
- flip flops
- dish clothes
- socks
- purse
- nose warmer
- doggy sweater
- leg warmers
- Elvis wigs
- easter eggs/christmas ornaments/light fixtures
- hackie sacks
- one row sweaters
- wrist warmers/arm warmers
- egg warmers
- willy warmer
- coaster
- can cozies
- tea cozies
- bookmark
- skinny scarves
- bottle cozies
- felted soap bars
- knit sponge or soap covers for an exfoliating experiance
_seat belt covers

Blog update
I have added a bunch of new links so you might check those out. Some of them are really really awesome. I have to admit when I'm not knitting all I do is look around for stuff on knitting. Its pretty bad. Anyways so thats new and working.
My friend Amber has been so kind as to be my director in the ways of changing things around the way I want them. I will be doing all of that as soon as my other friend Greg gets my picture up that I wanted to use for the background. He offered to host it for me till I decide on who I want to settle down and start paying for image hosting space. If anyone has any suggestions for that by the way let me know.
So I think that about covers it for now.

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