Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wow! Its been so long since I posted. Well we'll have to correct that.

Since I last posted I have attended Knittapolooza in Virginia Beach with my mother. I had a great time. Took some awesome classes and got really inspired to try my hand at getting ideas I have for knitting patterns out of my head and onto paper. I am determined to have one complete pattern at the very least by the end of the summer.

School has been hectic as it should be but is now over. My last final is in 2 hours. Thank goodness.
I made some great projects from my fibers class. Hopefully I can get some good pictures of them when Nathan comes to visit so I can share my work with all of you.

I got the book Naughty Knits which was a little more Naughty than I was expecting but still has some really cute patterns in it besides.

Nathan is coming to visit me in a week and 7 hours. Hurray!

In my knitting news.
I got the bag part of the rose bag finished. I am working on finishing all the roses and petals. Can't wait for it all to be finished and sewn together.

Well I have to jet but more later.

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