Monday, May 21, 2007


I finished knitting and fringing the hat for Ethan last night while watching Nathan and I's newest favorite show, Trailer Park Boys. The hat turned out great and I hope that Ethan likes it. The show which is also equally if not even more amazing doesn't air in the US of A so we watch it online.

Hope to start the babies Mohawk hat a-sapple. Can't wait to give them to Marley and Josh. So excited. If the Mohawk baby hat is a hit I am going to make a whole load of them for my other expecting or recently blessed friends.

I find it amusing that the Mohawk hat is all over the place recently. Its in Domiknitrix new book, there is a site that specializes in just making knit Mohawk hats some of which are very cool(they also claim to be its inventor which I severely disagree with but thats not worth dithering over), the Dior hat a good 5 years or so ago that hit the runways which I still love and want and so on. I think its an exciting trend mainly because I think they are fun hats.

This is a bit of kitchen fun I stumbled on to,the voodoo 5 knife holder. I really want one actually. I see how some people would think that its really morbid but its so cartoon-ish I really don't feel that its threatening. Can't help what you love I guess.

I'm planning on moving back to VA with in the next 6 months and I have always dreamed of having a cartoon inspired kitchen. Kind of retro with bold primary colors. All the appliances would be stainless steel with pops of red occasionally. I want my mixer to be bright red. Anywhoodles enough with the day dreams.

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