Tuesday, May 22, 2007

tada that was yesterday

Knitting away on the baby hat. I thought I would be done by now but yesterday I went to the Virginia Marine and Science Museum with Nathan to check out the temporary penguin exhibit. There were only 8 of the penguins and they all looked kind of bored and cooped up. I did have a great time though. I got to pet sting ray, horseshoe crab(I also got to feed it a shrimp and touch its mouth), and a snake. It was a beautiful day.

We had lunch with Nathan's mom at a Mexican restaurant and to dinner later in the day with both of his parents at the Wild Wings Cantina. After that Nathan and I went to see Foxy Shazam play. I was excited to find out that Tubring was also on the set list as I really like them as well. Then there was a big surprise later when at Nathan and I'd friend Andrew's house I discovered that I had seen Darren from This show is the Rainbow on his first ever tour. I had sadly missed his show which was earlier in the evening before Foxy and Tubring. I wish I had seen him preform again because he was AMAZING when I saw him in Tulsa, OK.

We got home around 1:30 since Nathan had to work today at 8 in the A.M.. So today I have been sluggin it. Doing laundry since I have no clean pants, shirts, or under panties left on this trip. I guess thats normal when your trip gets extended for twice the amount of time you thought you we're going to be somewhere. No biggie.

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