Friday, May 25, 2007

Allicorns and Unigators

Last night I gave the hats to their new family. Everyone loved them as far as I can tell. Ethan was already in bed because it was 9 o'clock and he is 10. So I'll just have to hear about how much he liked the hat later. Other stuff... hmmm...

I finally got a picture taken of a project a million years old now. I embroidered this pillow case for Nathan almost a year ago. He never uses it because he says its to special. It was part of out Alphabet Mail Along that we did while we were close to 670 miles apart which we still are but this helped us a lot in the beginning to make sure we stayed in touch and still created new memories together. This was his A. I was going to make its cousin the "Uni-gator" for U but to be completely honest the Alphabet-along fell off a bit when we took a month off from being together (understandably). I should restart it when I get back to Tennessee. I never put the horn on the Allicorn. Couldn't find a way that I liked it so Its been left off for now.

In case you were wondering what it is. At some point there was a conversation with some friends of ours about drawing animals mixed together. Namely a Unicorn with an Alligator. What would it be called? What would it look like. So they drew one and I drew them and the result was an Allicorn and a Unigator. It is said that they are mortal enemies and will fight to the death if they come across one another. So that is the tale of the Allicorna nd the Unigator.

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