Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm back! Back in the saddle agian

Man I love Aerosmith. I am planning to go back to VA in August to see not Aerosmith but Def Lepoard, Foreigner and Stix with Nathan and his family. Hells Yay!

The flight from VA to TN was interesting. The first flight went great loading quickly, taking off quickly, good company (I sat next to a piolet who lives in a Aruba and works for Southwest). The second flight was secudeled to have an hour layover which was expected so I worked on my black and white striped hat and talked to a really nice girl from Huston, Texas. We loaded on the plane and a computer broke. So they replaced the computer and it didn't work so we loaded off the plane and moved over a terminal and waited for another flight to unload and then we reloaded on to the new flight. Just sitting on the plane while they worked the computer situation was an hour to give you an idea of the delay. No biggie though I did feel bad because I had forgotten my cell phone at Nathans and couldn't call my mother who was picking me up. Not that it would have mattered because she forgot to take hers as well. haha.

So all the knitting on the hat is finished and I crocheted the orange border on it and started attaching the orange Mohawk. I am trying a slightly diffrent technique with the frindge though. We'll see how it works in comparison to the the other hats. I decided that I am going to give this hat to my friends Ryan and Alicia's son. I'll make another for their 8 month old daughter Evie.

Tomorrow I start my summer classes. I'm just taking science classes with their labs so it should be a sinch. They start at 9:45am and go til 12:30ish Monday through Friday. I am actually really glad since with out it till I find my job I have very little to do that doesn't make me feel like a loafer. Anywhoodles. I need to hit the sack.

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