Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mohawk Hats and dumpster dive rants

All finished! Hurray! And I actually have a photo to share. I know its amazing!
So now the plan is to make about five more of the little baby ones but for 5 different babies most of them boys. I'll be getting started on that as soon as I get back from VA.

Speaking of getting back from VA to TN. I am going to be a busy girl. I am taking summer classes,both Biology Sciences with a Labs. Classes start every morning at 8. I haven't had to wake up that early in a while so that will be fun. I want to start getting back on my old sleeping schedule anyways. I was way more productive. I also need to find a job when I get back. Tired of being broke. Plus I have an upcoming wedding, move and all that razzamataz so ya job is necessary.

Today my plans are to clean Nathan's room, Hang out with Nathan, Andrew, Abby, Goob and who ever else shows up at Andrew's house. MMM... oh and go to Echo's in Time to sell some of my vintage or vintage style clothing to them since I don't wear it or need it and I can't bear to just give it to Goodwill where it will be miss treated or thrown away. Don't get me wrong I love good will and donate to them regularly but their policy of if its ripped or broken they can't sell it really pisses me off. Mainly because they toss out perfectly fine items that could and are offered to be purchased with out a care to the person offering to purchase it, the environment, or our wasteful society. Plus at most Goodwill stores these days they have COMPACTORS! Those things are the devil and should be destroyed. If you think its trash and others think its a treasure let them have the d*mn thing don't destroy it. If your worried about law suites just put up a sign with a whole long list on a legal document on the dumpster saying if someone dies, gets hurt, or what ever else someone thinks they can sue a company for when they dumpster dive that person/company owning the dumpster can't be held responsible. I am done ranting.

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